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Spring season furniture of choose and buy the ten principles of the ten principles of the choose and buy furniture

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-24
1. Before the choose and buy furniture to measure the size of the space inside the bedroom, Length, width and height) Good, and then design the overall layout of the bedroom furniture and the desired varieties, function, design, color and quantity, so that when the choose and buy is targeted, save time and effort. 2. New furniture not only should the style is novel, also considering the future of life after the baby is born. For example, in a short ark of glass door is likely to be the kid's target, so it's best to choose wooden door. 3. 'Modern' furniture is easy to outdated, on the contrary, the influence of traditional furniture the durable, and it has value. 4. Light color furniture for small rooms or poor lighting conditions toward the north, and so on room lighting a room can choose the furniture of deep color, show atmosphere of elegance of of primitive simplicity,. 5. The elderly don't catch the 'hip' buy tall units, although tall ark to save the space, but not climb the fetch is quite convenient. 6. The furniture in the house room area with 45% advisable, to leave a part of the place of household electrical appliances and clothes tree and other living utensils. 7. Furniture and room area, flat, elevation scale height is consistent, in order to avoid the purchased furniture won't go in, or destroyed has conceived a good layout. 8. In addition to a complete set of furniture, furniture such as table, chair, sofa tea table. To know in advance, therefore, configure the color of furniture, patterns and specifications, so that in the future is difficult to form a complete set.
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