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Start the bathroom defense battle

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-26

Although the bathroom is not big, the usage rate is very high. It has always been a troublesome place to organize household affairs. During the 11th holiday, there is a whole block of time to clean the bathroom and give the family a neat and orderly home environment. . Because there are a lot of toiletries and sundries in storage, the first task is to classify them first, useful, useless, and those that are not used very frequently, even those that have not been used since they were bought, bottles and cans. The jars were put together and filled with two washbasins. Take them all off the vanity top and sort them again. Discarding is the first method. Some skin care lotions bought back are not suitable for use. They have been stored for a long time and have passed the shelf life. It is a waste to throw them away. It is a good choice to use it to polish leather shoes. The focus of bathroom storage is how to use the limited space to design enough storage space. Facial cleansers, body washes, facial soaps, face masks, and all sorts of hair care products can become a more conspicuous mess in the bathroom if you don't find a decent home for them. In my home, built-in shelving, mirror cabinets, and storage cabinets under the washbasin are all good places for storage. The space under the washbasin cannot be ignored. The style of the washbasin embedded in the cabinet is ideal. The bathroom-specific cabinet can overcome the common problem of dampness in the bathroom space, and it also has a split-layer design, which can hide the pipeline. Function; the upper part of the toilet area is a box-shaped mirror cabinet. In addition to having a substantial decorative effect, it can also store various toiletries inside. With a transparent door panel, the storage items and attributes can be seen at a glance; the wooden layered shelf set next to the toilet, It also adds a lot of color to the bathroom. There is a place for the scattered paper towels and other sundries. There are also triangular shelves behind the door. They are all my assistants in organizing the bathroom space. With them, environmental management The effect is immediate. After a busy day at work, returning home, a clean and hygienic environment can effectively help us relax. Let the mood relax and make the room tidy. I think that everyone has their own different life experiences when they live at home. The quality of a family's home life must be inseparable from the hostess's unique storage wisdom.

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