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steampunk water closet

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-25
When my wife and I bought our house, we thought it was not enough for a bathroom, so we asked our contractor to design a small room and we could eventually turn it into a bathroom. (Thanks Brendan! )
Due to the layout on our first floor, the only practical place is the kitchen next to the backyard door.
This little \"room\" has been a utility closet for years until I hired a plumber for other jobs to add plumbing and toilets.
Our \"water toilet\" was born!
Wa ter clos et noun (dated)a flush toilet.
Room with toilet bowl.
Many years ago, when I crossed Europe by train, I learned the term \"water toilet\" for the first time.
I need to use these facilities and find a door marked \"W. C.
I learned later that this is the abbreviation of \"water toilet.
\"This is not a term that we often use in North America, but it is common in Europe and South America.
When you think of this, it is much more accurate than the term \"restroom\" or \"bathroom\" that we North Americans use in this public facility.
We rarely use these rooms to \"take a break\" or take a shower.
\"Then the real estate agent term\" half
Bath, \"by definition, that means no bathing!
Because the size of our \"closet\" is very small ,(32\" x 42\")
I realized that I would either have to give up the sink or come up with a creative way to add a small sink to this small room.
So I did some research and found this very nice note: \"fix the toilet for free.
\"I like the concept and idea of\" recycling \"water, and most importantly, this will allow me to add sinks to the water closet without taking up any floor space, or add any extra pipes. (
You can also find instructures which will show you how to make similar sinks from wood, concrete and even 3DPrinter. )
This is the perfect way to add a sink in a small bathroom in a small home.
At first I didn\'t have time or material to make my own toilet tank sink, so I went online from a large
Box Shop: \"Touch-
Free water/space-saving adjustable toilet tank remodel sink/faucet basin.
\"It\'s not cheap.
And it\'s not very fashionable.
But the biggest problem with this model is that it\'s too shallow.
Just like washing your hands in the pan.
It looks great, like a porcelain can, but it\'s actually made of light
The weight is plastic and very light.
It will move around with just a little light and has to be re-adjusted.
When I finally got the time and all the material, I decided to build my dream steampunk water toilet!
Originally I had oak fixtures in this bathroom, so these were all going to be removed.
This includes patching holes on the wall panels and panel panels.
I used the old Pin (
Maybe a stick with a small flag? )
Then cut it into a plug.
I stuck the hole, covered it with a stone compound, and painted it.
Note about paneling: I chose paneling because I like the old one
It looks fashionable because I am worried about humidity, pvc is not composite board.
I painted it with water for safety. resistant semi-gloss paint.
I made the sink frame, towel rack and toilet paper rack with a black steel heating tube from a large local companybox store.
I have considered the copper tube but for some reason I chose the steel pipe.
Because I wanted to avoid cutting and threading custom sized parts, I used parts of standard length.
I was lucky with the size of the sink counter as the standard 30 \"pipe was the perfect height for the legs and could give me enough clearance on the top of the toilet tank and enough clearance to keep the seat still. (
When you talk to a man about a horse, the last thing you want is to close the door of the barn! )
The reason I chose to build the frame for the counter is that I am worried that the weight of the granite KKR countertop is too big for the porcelain can.
Also, I would like some extra toilet space.
So I\'m not using copper, it\'s steel, but I want the steampunk look that comes with copper, so I used a can of copper painting and hammer the copper for the accessory, add some contrast.
The most important thing is: painting will not tarnish!
I made a small rig with waste wood and held the pipe while the pipe was dry to avoid wear and marks when the paint was dry.
Note: almost all pipes and accessories for frame, towel rack and toilet paper rack come from my local big-
Box store but I have to buy 1 item online from the plumbing supply place: 3-
Channel socket for frame corner.
I\'m a bit worried about the stability of the frame, so I bought a pair of pointed brackets for safety reasons ,(
Just like you used to hold a shelf)
And bend them into pairs to fit around the pipe.
I use a dry wall anchor to install the bracket in the position of the support frame.
To install the towel rack and toilet paper rack, I also used dry wall anchors and also sprayed copper screws to keep the decoration.
For the extra steampunk torch, I changed the oak switch board to a decorative copper French lace model. (
Search for \"French lace model\" at work \"! ; -)
When we renovated the kitchen, there was still a piece of granite left on our redesigned KKR countertop and I saved it because I knew it would eventually come in handy.
It\'s almost the perfect size for the basin sink counter!
Fortunately, I have an industrial gas neighbor.
He fixed a few inches in the back. (Thanks Darren! )
All I have to do is drill a few holes in it;
One Drain, one tap.
This first hole requires the purchase of a special set of tools: a diamond hole saw drill bit.
First, I cut a test hole on a piece of waste granite and then moved to the actual block I will use for the counter.
The key to knowing when using these hole saw bits is that you have to keep the surface moist.
So, when you drill, pour on the surface with a bottle of water nearby.
Before drilling the hole in the faucet, I positioned the Bowl I was going to use for the sink to see where the edge of the bowl was because I wanted the faucet to lean against the bowl and give it extra support. Measure twice (
Three or four times; -)and cut once!
The measurements confirmed that I used a masonry drill to drill holes for the tap.
After I cut off the granite counter, I lined up the porcelain toilet cover and cut the corresponding holes.
I was worried that the porcelain would crack, but I got it wet while drilling, and it cut down like butter ,(
Or marble cake; -).
PS will do it outside if possibleIt\'s messy!
This is actually the most challenging part of the whole project.
I left a copper tube from my old boiler and I thought it was perfect for my new WC. faucet. (
It\'s just right in length and has threads where I need them).
A few minutes after sitting on the bench grinder thread wheel, it sparkles like a new penny.
Speaking of the new coin, I remember from my high school chemistry class, you could wash an old coin with Coca Cola, so I poured a can of Coke from the copper pipe, clean up what may accumulate. (Thanks Mr.
Sorry, I changed your money! )
One of my cousins knew I was working on a steampunk gadget and he was very thoughtful and bought a bunch of old brass pipe fittings and connectors for my birthday, which proved to be the perfect choice faucet to complete the accessories (Thanks Nora! )
After a few minutes on the bench grinder thread wheel, the brass fittings sparkled like a brand new set of golden teeth!
Now, for the tricky part-
I didn\'t want the water to go straight through the pipe because of concerns about corrosion and leakage, I needed a way to connect the faucet to the supplementary pipe in the toilet water tank, so I decided to pull an aquarium pipe through copper tubes and brass fittings. (
I guess it\'s probably a pipe).
The way I finally figured it out was to get a heavy nylon rope through a hole in the top of the tubing.
I tied a nut at the other end of the rope and dropped it off the tube.
Then I pulled it. And pulled. And pulled.
The first 90-degree turn is not too bad, but it turns out to be very challenging to clean up the second 90-degree turn.
When the tube finally cleaned the lip of the tube, I pulled some more with small pliers, and then connected the last accessory as the mouth of the faucet. (
I don\'t know what this thing is called, but it looks like it\'s going to be sprayed out by a steampunk tap; -)
After the faucet is assembled, the last step before installation is to apply a protective coating on the faucet, a protective coating designed to prevent discoloration of brass and copper. (
A year later, it was held very well. and-a-half of use! )
I strolled around and looked at some very expensive copper basin sinks, but they were all too big for my counter ,(10. 5\")
All of this will eventually hit the head of anyone sitting on the throne.
And, if they have a tap, it also has a \"on/off\" handle that I don\'t need.
This classic French bronze bowl (above)
My mother for decades.
Countless birthdays, Thanksgiving and Sunday dinners were brownies made by my mom in this bowl.
My mom is famous with all of our friends and family for the brownie she made in this bowl, and she was kind enough to sacrifice Brownie for my toilet! (Thanks Mom! )(
Brownie lovers are not afraid-
She has one more. -)
So this copper bowl with a diameter of 10 is just perfect!
One might think that when someone is sitting in front of the bowl, putting the lips of the bowl so close to the edge of the counter can be a problem, but the reality is that when most people are sitting at W. C.
They lean forward instead of backward. (
We have confirmed that this is not the place to rest! )
Sitting on a bench grinder for a few minutes, the bowl looks like it was during the Charles de Gaulle administration.
To make sure I removed all possible stains, I also gave it once with a thread wheel brush head.
Now make a hole in the water supply and drainage pipe
I tried to cut a hole with a diamond bit, but found that they moved too much because they didn\'t have center spikes, so I chose the Forstner bit I inherited. (Thanks Mary! )
This is the drill you use to drill holes in your cabinet to install hinges.
Not for copper of course, but it passed through like butter. (
Alas, this bowl can no longer be installed. -)
Drilled the hole of the drain pipe, I trimmed it with a cutter and then cleaned the edge around the hole with a file.
Then there is a thick layer of protective clothing for future generations.
I\'m sure the French who made this bowl
A century ago, it was never imagined that it would be creatively misused as a washbasin.
\"If my life could be done again, I would be a plumber.
\"Albert Einstein, but will he come up with the idea of a steampunk water toilet? !
Einstein is not required to complete the pipeline work for this project.
I\'m very proud that I cracked my toilet bowl not only once but twice --
Come and Go!
W of the first hacker. C.
It is to adapt to the water supply from the floor and add a hand-held bidet.
This includes installing a t-
Valves and replacement of water supply lines.
In order to match the decoration, I painted a layer of copper on the valve and supply line.
A lot of teflon tape was installed. Why a bidet? Why NOT?
Don\'t be too detailed as this is a home site, explain again a euphemism and let\'s say: you don\'t want to leave a mess in the back seat when you send your child to the pool!
Although the bidet is not common in North America, it is popular in southern Europe and South America, and it is common in Brazil, where I am spoiled; -)
In Brazil, what they call \"chuveirinho\" is roughly translated into \"small showers \".
\"Sounds much better than\" holding a bidet. \"The t-
The valve is equipped with a handle to adjust the water pressure, which is very helpful.
Especially when you have children who are curious and/or unruly visiting, you want to turn it off.
For my reproductive health friends, I told them that I installed a bidet just to wash the dishes; -)
FaucetThe W\'s second hackC.
Is to provide water for the faucet.
All this really needs is to insert the supplementary tube in the toilet water tank into the aquarium tube I installed in the faucet.
There are a few photos on it to illustrate the process. (
To understand how your toilet tank works internally, there are a lot of pictures and charts on the Internet).
I thought about it, but did not put the putty or silicon of the plumber on the tap and on the granite because I was worried that I might need to take it apart if there was any problem with the tank.
The copper tube was tightly inserted into the hole on the granite and I was able to push it far enough that it did not swing.
I don\'t expect that one day I will have to take out the counter/faucet/sink from the tank to fix it, but when I have to do so, the whole thing starts right away.
SinkWith with the faucet installed, the rest is the sink.
There is a lot of silicon on the top and bottom of the bowl around the hole, tighten the drain as much as possible, there is a lot of silicon on the granite KKR countertop, and then insert the drain through the holes on the granite.
So how does it work?
Instead of filling the tank with water, you flush the toilet, and first the water will enter the tank through the refill pipe, faucet and drain pipe.
Once the tank is full, the tap is automatically turned off.
It turns out that as long as you are brave enough time to wash your hands and even splash your face!
After explaining it a few times, I have a few people who still don\'t understand how it works.
So I just told them that they were washing their hands regardless of the last person who blushed.
If you want to wash your hands without flushing the toilet, there is chuveirinho.
Note on water temperature: I was initially concerned that in the depths of North America\'s winter, the water coming out of the faucet would be very cold and flowing out of the bidet, which is not to be mentioned.
But fortunately, the water supply pipes that supply this toilet run together with the pipes in the basement that provide steam for our Victorian steam radiators, inadvertently, but the water supplied to the sink was pleasantly heated.
As a result, when we get hot in winter, there is actually warm water in our steampunk W. C. ! (
Water is only room temperature when heat is off, which is good for quick Flushing).
All the renovations, renovations, hacks and plumbing are done, and the rest is just some decor.
With such a small room, I decided to add some size by installing a mirror that was made from the original window of one of our houses and we found it during the demolition process. (
One day I will post a full description on this project).
And battery-powered faux-
Candles add an atmosphere to the decoration.
The reflection of the \"window Mirror\" on the medicine cabinet does add space to the originally small room.
Awesome sign: \"Hot Tub: clean water --
15. used water
5 \"our house came and it seemed perfect for steampunk W. C.
\"Reuse\" of water \". (Thank you, sir and Madam. Sheehan! )
The copper print box comes from a local craft shop and soap dishes from 99 shops seem to fit well.
Of course, until I had a brass plaque on the door, like the one I saw many years ago on a train crossing Europe, which read: \"W. C.
\"If this Instructable inspires you to make one yourself and post a photo here, I will send you Pro for 3 months free-
Members to structures!
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