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Stone also need to care? Is ten years ago, this may be a lot of stone practitioners very confused questions associated with the clean, stone care in this decade

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-21
Although stone care industry as an emerging industry is more and more attention by all aspects, in terms of technology and market demand has a very large space can be heating up again, but as a professional stone care industry practitioners, we have to make you more in-depth understanding of the industry, understand its history, future trends and prospects, watching, make people rational understanding and treatment of the industry. Let us first from the concept of stone care industry. A, stone care

the concept of because of the stone care industry belongs to the emerging industry in China, the concept of stone care industry is a lot of stone care according to their own understanding of the industry experts and scholars to study and generalize, prepare a written concept has not yet unified, so the author adopt various opinions and combined with his own humble opinion compiled for your reference and research, the concept of clear stone stone care concept is the use of physical and chemical methods in stone mining, processing, transportation, installation and use of different stages of processing stone accordingly, the ultimate goal is to improve the stone material ratio, maintain the normal function of stone material, maintain the natural decorative stone, rich stone decoration effect, extend the service life of stone material as natural high-grade building materials.
the content of the wall mounted bar countertop, stone care nursing the body of the business can be subdivided into stone care, wall mounted bar countertop disease treatment, the daily clean stone care three contents, its classification is based on the references on medicine 'prevention', 'treatment', 'care', divide three concepts. These three concepts to achieve mastery through a comprehensive application in stone mining, processing, and shop at various stages in daily use.

around the three concept related to organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, petrology, such disciplines as mechanics, grinding, so the stone care industry mainly in addition to being able to understand if the derivative industry of stone, in a sense across the stone is a stone care industry, cleaning industry, property management, decoration industry, real estate industry cross, the edge of the industry.
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