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Stone crafts custom marble handicrafts is introduced

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-13
Stone crafts custom marble handicrafts introduce continental rise, zhon mountain peak protrusions, will be buried deep underground Shi Bao, quietly up to an altitude of 3000 meters, framed a mountainside strip contains more than one hundred million cubic meters of marble, yoho tactfully department in the nineteenth peak to peak, this is the legendary herself lost colorful belt here. mining and processing, at least in the tang dynasty was famous. Yunnan Dali erhai lake region people JianChuan make prabhutaratna Buddha portrait with white marble, the family attractions like sichuan qingcheng mountain, also sent all the way to come here 'easy please figure of Buddha, its work, its stone, Jane. Other is also a famous marble products, marble high-quality goods collection, is hot at the time. designation of a lot of, because of the stone from the point features' point features, with 'cool was born between the inner parts of the texture and poetry in yunnan Dali temperature report guest called' ingesting stone, with 'phoenix herself some stone, butler stone tribute therefore' GongShi of folk development therefore calls for column 'foundation for your, do a painted long call' screen stone, do stationery long call '/', due to the city of Dali called the yu 'yu stone, Dali ancient is called' the tianzhu aromatic countries' and 'tianzhu yunnan Dali introduction stone, eventually tend to say' marble ', nature is Dali countries set up after the song dynasty. category, can according to the geological formation, the main body color, geological output of single layer thickness, the crystal grain size, hardness methods such as classification, can also according to the pattern classification. Dali to ash produced by sun, decorated belongs to yunnan Dali temperature report decorative pattern of marble. Gray clouds also called splash, decorated spring ( Broccoli) , autumn flowers three and ink. White jade, White solid surface sheets for sale, the foundation for your) Belong to pure color marble. Can only produce natural decorative pattern of marble pictures. Yunnan province is rich of marble. Dali cangshan m nineteenth peak fengfeng are somewhat hidden, variety, design and color, texture, very famous. Because it produced the fine stone, old, remote transmission, has been dubbed the Dali place name, bills itself as the marble. Also known as foundation for your marble, yu, aragonite, wake up with stone, stone ZhuShi, generally divided into flowers stone, cloud grey stone, the stone, black stone four categories. as early as the tang dynasty has started to develop, built in the tang dynasty the footprints of marble tower, the building has been adopted on the exquisite marble handicrafts are: flowers shiping, carve patterns or designs on woodwork screen, stone table, stone, glass, desk lamp, brush pot, inkstone, tea tray, fruit tray, flowerpot vase, landscape flowers and birds, animals and characters, etc. Beijing's great hall of the people of yunnan hall decoration stone folding screen flower-gathering is 2 meters in diameter, naturally showed features of clouds magnificence rivers and circumstance, let a person gasp in admiration. Displayed in the carving of the marble factory a screen 'CangEr grand view', carved from marble with natural color, silver pale jade Er, affair, is a rare rare treasure.
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