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Stone crystal face treatment technology for water wax process of hardness, glossiness, and not enough clarity and improvement process trival, such as insufficient development and become one

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-15

aren't stone crystal face processing is to use the potions, and the weight of stone material friction generated under high temperature and dual function, through physical and chemical reaction, crystallization in stone material surface, forming a layer of clear, the protective layer of dense, hard, have the effect of increase of stone material maintenance hardness and glossiness. Aren't unlike traditional polishing process, the process needs to have a certain gloss, smoothness of stone material base, generally in more than 60 degrees, to achieve the ideal effect.

wax is used in the past a way of protection, it is a physical process. In simple terms, is the surface coated with a layer of mulch ( Wax) To protect the floor surface. Daily maintenance will just to cover ( Wax) For cleaning and maintenance, this way of cover can't reflect the natural texture of natural wall mounted bar countertop material, use cycle is short. Wax wax regularly, consistently, repeated consumption of wax material such as water, and mostly belongs to the strong alkaline wax water, solid surface sheets for sale will rapidly aging because of calcium carbonate by corrosion. Granite quartz corrosion resistance is very high, but was not corrosion, feldspar and mica and pitting expands unceasingly deepen, becomes uneven.

stone crystal face processing is the most ideal end maintenance way, it does not alter the structure of stone, is not coated with a layer of mulch, so, don't change the texture of the original stone. And after crystal handle, end molecules more dense, burnish brightness increased significantly, the end is more bright beautiful, more noble. Crystal processing accumulated in the process of constant care the effect and value.

stone crystal face processing principle and the key elements of the

stone crystal face processing principle is stone crystal processor in a certain speed, under a certain weight, through the crystal plane deal with microfiber cloth friction on professional agents in stone material surface to produce heat, and then reaches a certain temperature, the potion in the stone/crystal surface, and form a protective layer.

because stone crystal face processing is through a certain temperature, the core elements of potions, let the stone material surface to form a layer of dense crystal hard processing layer, so do stone crystal face processing machines must have the following three key elements.

a, temperature, stone crystallization temperature is probably right at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

2, do face processing, machine to achieve a certain speed, to the friction heat production to 60 degrees, the appropriate speed is probably around 220 RPM.

3, proper counterweight, sell on the market at present most of the crystal processor, most speed can reach one hundred and seventy turn around, so only by increasing the counterweight to strengthen the friction, and suitable temperature. Weight is too heavy, is not conducive to machine operation, the weight is too light, can not achieve ideal effect of crystallization.

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