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Stone curtain wall stone face how to deal with?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-15
Burning surface processing is on the surface of stone material with propane gas and high-pressure air mixture produced by high temperature flame ( 1800 degrees Celsius) Within the scope of rapid heating, make the surface several millimeters thick rough surface texture. Principle with flame burner surface rough surface is stone constitute minerals by using difference of thermal expansion properties. Before the burning surface processing, should be the coarse grinding stone, can only be carried out after the grinding burn finish homework. In addition, the flamethrower mobile route will appear in the stone material surface processing direction, therefore before processing direction should be marked on the back of the stone material processing, in order to make the direction of the burning surface treatment after the completion of the stone surface. With burning surface processing principle of stone material surface, was to make the form in minerals such as quartz and feldspar solid surface cracks, cause of stone material surface damage, thus require the use of burning stone plate should have enough thickness of surface treatment. With burn after surface treatment of stone material surface, with jet polishing wheel for grinding burn the subtle projecting part, increase the concentration of stone color. , is a stone processing, installation and decoration in a body's comprehensive wall mounted bar countertop material enterprise. Company in strict quality control, to develop the market, creating famous brand products at home and abroad under the guidance of strategic thinking, build a clear development strategy, strengthen the construction of the management system and management function, through constant development, has formed a complete set of production, design, sales, processing, installation of the network system.
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