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Stone factory successful stone processing factory

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-13
Stone factory successful stone processing plant since the company was established, the export of stone are exported to Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Our factory has a modern multi-functional factory, office building, staff dormitory building, plant adopt multi-function vacuum equipment, sichuan is one of the most strength of granite and solid surface sheets for sale mining, marketing, processing as one of the large-scale integrated environmental protection stone material enterprise; And in Inner Mongolia, fujian has large factories, is a focus on the stone material of environmental protection equipment research and development, sales and service enterprises. This factory stone material is widely used in the subway, airport, square, dry hanging wall, sidewalks, parks, parking lots and other places of engineering stone, Po stone, square stone, granite, stone material factory, solid surface sheets for sale factory, environment stone, building stone, garden stone, special-shaped stone, stone plate products is the engineering construction of indoor and outdoor decoration first building materials; According to customer demand for professional to provide a large granite board, specifications board, project board, environment stone, mushroom stone, lu yanshi, special-shaped lines, and other stone products. PI county successful stone material processing factory since its establishment, with 'exploration, innovation, struggle, development' powered by entrepreneurship, make the success in advanced stone stone production line, as a collection of stone carving, stone art, stone in an integrated professional production, advanced equipment, skillful craftsman. Success in recent years to a construction market, based on reform and bold innovation, and constantly develop large arc material, special-shaped material series of new products, to sold in the country, for national key construction projects, and produce and export Japanese tomb, western-style tomb, tomb stone processing products in China. Successful hope with the new and old customers sincere cooperation, create great!
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