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Stone has furniture of beautiful small family function

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-15
has furniture of beautiful small family function small family decoration, stone material furniture can shoulder function. is not a large family of patent, small house can use it skillfully, can make it of primitive simplicity, can have a modern it. Such as you can be in bed with a wall mounted bar countertop wall of headboard since base, can put a little on books, alarm clock, photo frame and so on, have adornment effect, and is very practical, also save the money to buy bedding, fully staffed. We can also be pebbles or rain flower stones grow bar embedded in the ground, serve as divide the door of the bedroom, is to create the change of the ground, also added some fun for the bedroom. If you want to play cool, tell you a good way to go and buy some stone leftover material, decorate metope and ground with them, even build by laying bricks or stones a few pieces of furniture, save money, brilliant and original.
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