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Stone how to repair the damage? Shi Lifang answer for you!

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-12
Natural marble after long-term use, hard to avoid can appear defect, fracture, if required to change directly from the new stone decoration cost is too high, but see the defects of the decorative stone heart not taste, from an economic perspective directly repair is the most cost-effective, small quantity cost is low. So stone investigate that how to repair? Many Lao shifu know stone to repair the money need to clean up the defect part, and then use the similar color stone dolly filling stone missing parts, and resin adhesive on fill, fill level is higher than the end of 3 to 4 cm, resin glue dry after appearing, such as use polishing machine polishing and polishing. Repair spells seams some stone in laying will appear in the process of seam phenomenon, joint between stone and stone without through strict processing, will inevitably cause stone material and stone formed between a black seam, before the renovation must sew the black cross with needle, blade or use slitting machine sew black clean, reoccupy cleaner is sucked clean black seam in the dirt, finish with a strong adhesive to close to the color of the stone to repair the crack mending the gap all crack is the stone after long time use will be one of the problems, must carry on the marble crack repair, must first clean up dirt in the crack, and then use a vacuum cleaner dust absorbs in the crack wen, finally with crack repair glue to repair the crack. Finally restored through polishing repair stone surface luster, if family use for a long time can also be polished stone, buy stone dedicated polishing equipment, directly to the stone material of a dim polishing line, had better add a layer of filler after polishing, to ensure that waste impurities penetrating to the natural solid surface sheets for sale. Professional white marble mining processing, its marble mine 13.
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