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Stone material and the development of Chinese stone material planning

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-13
Love, in order to reach the limit as a starting point, Shi Lifang stone, Shi Lifang decoration create a family atmosphere for you with all sincerity, the harbor of love. Love, in order to reach the limit as a starting point, Shi Lifang stone, Shi Lifang decoration create a family atmosphere for you with all sincerity, the harbor of love. Focus on the white marble industry for 13 years, is located in the world, marble mining, cutting and processing, processing technology in a body. Stone material after cutting, grinding, modelling, is widely used in various types of building internal and external decoration. White solid surface sheets for sale, as a kind of building materials product, occupies a considerable proportion in the global building materials production, and the proportion of 10 to 15 years in the future will continue to expand. China stone industry since 2005 as the world's largest producer and exporter of stone, after the consumer, has eight consecutive years maintained a rapid growth, and accounted for nearly 20% of the global stone processing, production, China stone industry is becoming a hot spot in the world market, and continue to drive the development of global stone industry, stone material to follow. Stone industry for the future development prospects, of the manufacturing 2025 published by the state as pointed out the direction of the stone industry transformation and upgrading. First is the requirement of industry innovation, including product innovation and integrated innovation. Stone personalized strong, product design has been China stone products and gap of Italy, Spain and other powers. The main reason is the enterprise development concept does not reach the designated position, imitation, plagiarism, accounts for most of the homogeneous development, independent innovation consciousness is not strong. Secondly, enterprise strength is limited, no research and development capabilities. The third intellectual property protection is not enough, industrialization of scientific research achievements are affected. In addition, decoration products application depends not only on product itself, more important is product integration after the formation of the space effect, which requires the capability of the overall solution design. From the point of the stone industry, a large number of enterprises in the industry value chain division of labor, only in the stage of production and processing. A large number of products for the stone plate, intermediate products, final application for secondary processing and decoration engineering company. Second, strengthen the integration and promote intelligent manufacturing. Stone industry is only achieve mechanization, automation, intelligence, there are gaps in the network. Flexible manufacturing, demand oriented is the stone material industry development trend in the future. The application of stone products, its design, transportation, installation and maintenance have high professional requirements. Establish perfect service system, one-stop service, is the big trend of the future consumption. Development based on industry cloud and big data platform of the Internet, such as personalization, the package design, cloud manufacturing, such as a new manufacturing mode, set up a complementary advantages and win-win cooperation open industry ecological system, is an important part of the manufacturing industry upgrade. For the white stone transportation is more and more convenient, stone sold abroad cost greatly reduced, for the improvement of living standards, stone industry is bringing in the new era.
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