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Stone material wholesale manufacturers introduce sandstone water spot treatment to prevent them

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-08
material wholesale manufacturers introduce sandstone water spot treatment prevention method along with the development of building industry, more and more sandstone used in decorating construction industry in sichuan province. Process not mature before sichuan sandstone is very rare and not much building USES, this is because the quarry cutter and processing machinery and equipment at the time of relatively backward. Now, like this situation improves, the maturity of the technology of processing machinery. Including improving the professional level of processing and sichuan sandstone professional knowledge. Now sichuan sandstone can according to customer demand for color offering our customers the production of various kinds of high quality. In the past many years, many designers and engineers began in the natural wall mounted bar countertop is widely used in indoor and outdoor. After the completion of the sandstone in sichuan, after a long time will not always have dry the wet trace on the surface, which is commonly known as water spots. To remove water spot, is very difficult, because the formation of the water pollution is very complicated, including cement, acid rain, hua, sandy, and sandstone absorb pollution of the earth, the pollution of metamorphic sandstone itself, changed the nature of sandstone is not easy to clean, so for water pollution, the only way is to prevent. To prevent the formation of the water pollution can be used before the construction of multifunctional protective agent or sandstone protective agent. Before construction, protection of sandstone processing, can effectively avoid the formation of water pollution, and can achieve good antifouling effect.
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