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Stone processing board, and out of context is produced by using natural lapis lazuli, use it to make plate, with non-toxic, tasteless, no reflection characteristics, we often shipped it

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-16

stone slab, it is a kind of mineral commodities, commonly known as 'green flag', the stone is mainly composed of limestone, dolomite, due to this kind sedimentary rocks, it is followed the conditions of different rocks buried depth and copper, iron, etc metal oxide mixed in the future, after a long period of geological effects, formed a variety of color green flag.

wall mounted bar countertop processing with high hardness, compressive ability, quality of a material is solid, due to the material TianRanXing, according to the natural look like that, the surface does not usually after artificial polishing, when is cut into some small sheet, still has the effect of natural, used for interior decoration, or are some of the adornment of metope, so that makes the adornment have return uncut jade to put in effect. Natural material has no pollution, no radiation, has abundant Shi Wenming intelligence, can give a person a kind of different visual effects.

in the back of building decoration, the use of wall mounted bar countertop processing board and influence will be further expanded.
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