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Stone processing itself was full of microporous ( Wool stoma) Stone, water of shooting is the root causes of stone processing. So, be sure to do stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-17

for protective agent, don't ask, don't 'apple', is a large number of use is not scientific. For example, some instructions on the protective agent said 'will not change the original stone colors', if you don't find out what kind of stone, after applying protective, often can appear pale. In particular, some light color stone, discoloration, such as' white, cream-colored wall mounted bar countertop, white linen, and so on so for any protective agent, the use of scientific method should be the paper. based on the construction before, recognition too area Yi again after work.

stone processing effect and choice the quality of the performance of the protective agent. Existing protective agent, according to the material, the type of organic silicon fluoride, fluoride resin and acrylic acid with classes and class silicone best performance, its permeability is strong, has excellent permeability, chemical resistance and weatherability, stone comprehensive protection. Another stone dry for stone protective effect also plays a decisive role. material should be dry, then apply protective agent, besmear again after dry effect is better. Otherwise, will affect the protective effect.

stone processing scientific protection should also choose protective agent according to the requirements of the construction site, such as the kitchen should choose waterproof and oil type, q type should choose waterproof alkali to wash your hands, for persons to be outdoor weather resistance model. Otherwise, for different products use the same kind of curing agent, not only maintenance of stone material, and the lesions may deepen the stone.

stone processing craft dosage is involves an important indicator of stone protective effect. Due to the different stone structure. Pore size is differ, therefore, bibulous rate is not the same. Therefore, to determine the stone protective agent can not be ignored, less dosage, protective effect is not fully embodies; Amount is much, not only material was also on the end form accumulation of polymerization, affect the appearance. Therefore, we must work for wall mounted bar countertop and model test, determine the process dosage. Optimum dosage is through the protective agent nourishes stone material surface to completely saturated. For through the crystal processing stone, should be in before applying protective agent open pores on the surface processing; For other use do not make protective has cast A stone, can be 'too late' for protection, prevent stone disease.
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