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Stone processing knowledge

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-16
China building decorative stone development trend analysis in the 1990 s, the stone material production and trade development is rapid. Trade volume in 1993 for the first time in more than ten million tons, up to 1049. 20000 tons, accounting for about 31% of the world's stone block production; total trade volume of 1494 in 1997. 32 of 40000 tons, accounting for the total world output. 7%. Due to the four main stone producer in the world - — The development of China, Spain, Italy, India, the world's production of decorative stone block, from 1995 tonnes in 47. 3 million to 2000 tonnes in 61. 34 million, production increased by 30%. Experts predict that 2001 will exceed 70 million tons. The proportion (50%), marble solid surface (45%), the remaining 5% is sandstone, SLATE, basalt, limestone, agate stones, natural marble, with its elegant, beautiful, adornment sex is strong, the characteristics of is still the main act the role of material high-grade construction and home decoration. Dosage of solid surface in China since 1999 for radioactive exaggerated propaganda, cause once the downturn, slow rebound, in 2000 will continue to rise this year, will refocus on the application of marble. Look from exterior color, is the main popular beige marble ( Spain, Italy, Egypt imports) , the other black, white, blue, red stone still is rare breed, with structure and the color of products will be popular again. Rare breed popular at the same time, ordinary varieties will be welcomed. used for outside facing, polishing, grinding, flame singeing, chisel, chop axe, MAO MAO surface with grinding using different process; On the technique of architectural art, using different process combination has become a new tendency of the development of architectural decorative stone, but will be more and more high to the quality of the product requirement. At present, 4/5 of the world stone used in construction, but the future applications will continue to widen, all kinds of stone and other materials synthesis stoneware including all kinds of stone carving, decorative stone, environment stone will greatly city development; With the increasingly strict fire prevention and the progress of installation technology, decorated with stone as the curtain wall will be the trend of The Times, the need for special shape stone will also increase rapidly. Coarse stone material surface treatment, artificial synthetic stone environmental protection will be an important trend. In today's stone industry, at present the European market while stone aggregate demand is relatively lower, the production of relative surplus, but Europe stone demand of more than 25 million tons a year, still accounted for more than 50% of the total worldwide demand for stone, the stone material of Italy and Spain each year usage is double that of China. The world development trend of stone material to a great extent affected by the European style, especially the central area of all kinds of plank is very popular now. In Europe, presents a simple network after processed stone, is also very popular. In order to embody the noble, eternal enterprise image, the commercial buildings tend to prefer all kinds of light color and gray stone products. In addition to the traditional black and gray, other kinds of coarse flower, flower synthetic stone and quartz, and shell stone, glass pieces is also increasing demand for artificial stone, etc. In recent years, jointly developed by tsinghua university and waffer group of microcrystalline belongs to this kind of typical materials, namely the production of materials used in tailings, slag, glass pieces, such as waste with low energy consumption of manufacturing technology and high and new technology, in the process of product configuration or production, do not use harmful compounds and additives. Products by the state building materials test center detection performance: high hardness, strength, no radioactive, without off color, zero water absorption and resistance to pollution. Its soft texture and luxuriant, elegant superior color and various physical and chemical indicators were higher than natural stone material, is recognized as green building materials in the 21st century is the preferred act the role of material. In addition, popular at home and booming in Spain, Italy imports, natural and synthetic wall mounted bar countertop material is natural solid surface sheets for sale slag from 95% to 5%, high strength resin with high temperature and high pressure and vacuum, it has both natural marble of elegance, luxury, but also has low price, high grade, quality, high strength, no radiation, no color difference, corrosion resistance, prevent slippery wait for an advantage, by the national authoritative department detect radioactive belong to A level, using range is not subject to any restrictions, is the best choice for family, engineering, and is known as green building materials in foreign countries.
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