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Stone processing knowledge

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-24
It's essential to choose reliable decoration company consistent think 'decorate no small matter, relationship with thousands of physical and mental health. 'Formaldehyde is one of the most common decoration pollution, volatile features, and sustained period the longest can amount to 8 years, simply open a window ventilated or late for governance, it is difficult to completely get rid of pollution. Therefore, choose better reputation decoration company to be responsible for the construction, is the most effective and most direct avoid decorate pollution measures. Decorate stylist proposal, in after decorating an end, take the following measures can effectively reduce decorate indoor air pollution: decorate completed check-in again after a month or two; Often ventilated take a breath; As far as possible to buy or custom has certain famous brand furniture, don't to find carpentry to do; Used in indoor place activated carbon, air cleaner, put a few flowers can absorb harmful substances, such as bracketplant, aloe, ivy. In the economic conditions allow, when decorating, should find a professional decoration supervision company for the third party supervision, full control over the quality of decoration. This decorates to reduce pollution is also very necessary
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