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Stone purchase choice, stone market advantages with disadvantages

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-08
Many client buy stone has two options, on the one hand, can go to buy stone material market, on the other hand can be purchased to stone material factory, two options can be contributed to deal, so how to choose is the most cost-effective, let's see. market has the following advantages; 1 stone market breed diversity, merchants in the market to buy a set of stone decorative stone materials, and even the decorative stone tools. 2 stone market is to buy good environment, buy stone is not afraid of sun, stone material choose diversification, stone material is comparative, the same building materials market, varieties of the same wall mounted bar countertop is comparative, brand stone with ordinary stone is comparative, stone material, different has comparative grain is consistent. Take 3 selective stone, a single from manufacturers of goods less selective, purchased from building materials stone with multiple choice, can choose product purchase, choosing semi-finished goods purchase, general stone manufacturers are finished products for sale. 4 stone market has the transportation convenience, liquidity to purchase stone material, specified amount, without having to buy can buy the same shipments from multiple dealers, not provided, shipments usually buy stone is a big stone and small stone market, the trade between the fixed big circulation, stone material purchase can be directly carpooling, reduce transportation cost, stone even stone return is convenient. market disadvantage 1 stone market the biggest LveShi is stone is more expensive, stone in the market for stone is also adjustable goods sold directly from stone material factory, just buy more, you want to transport more convenient, stone market need manpower, need to store rent, profit, adjustable directly from manufacturers of goods, middle has certainly need enough profits to support. If buy wall mounted bar countertop quantity larger, we suggest to buy directly from the manufacturer. 2 product is deceptive stone material market, although the stone market variety, and even import and domestic, many businesses shoddy, to sell high price, many customers buying stone slightly do not pay attention to is likely to suffer.
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