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Stone reliefs scenarios have?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-13
relief is a kind of acrylic countertops is carved in the shape of a piece of stone material surface will carved out, make it out of the original plane, thus forming a kind of the product of the combination of sculpture and painting, this is stone reliefs. HuiAn stone reliefs are divided into deep anaglyph, shallow relief, the degree of depth according to the demands of consumers. reliefs products on the market has a very wide range of applications, both indoor and outdoor. Or real estate construction, religious temples and the scenic area square, etc. , are likely to use, below to know the local stone reliefs used together.  relief using one of the most frequent places is the religious temples and rural ancestral hall and other places. Temple is the religious culture, buddhist monks practice place, where every things are as much as possible to do not rot in one thousand. Therefore after formation of solid surface acrylic countertops, one thousand, was elected to the temple of commonly used timber wood carving. The front entrance to the hall is usually produced by single relief, relief contains the contents of all kinds of traditional folk auspicious patterns, there is also a buddhist classical allusions. Buildings on either side of the temple wall generally relief methods, the formation of Buddhism, Buddha culture thoughts now above a the person that let the believers can need not the scriptures, also can get a general idea of buddhist teachings, thus realize the wisdom of Buddha. In indoor and outdoor stone carving of Buddha that puts some temples, its base is generally also relief technique, such as sweet auspicious patterns, lotus petal pattern or longfeng again, and so on. All, vivid image. In addition to the more concentrated some relief production technique, in many other parts of the temple also often use stone reliefs. Such as inside the temple square often you will see there is some lotus pattern on the shakedown, those are embossed another application. Temple Ursa usually want to go to the many steps, and in the middle of the steps usually has carved a lot of the dragon, a position that is Kowloon relief, also known as vulture. Rural relief application of ancestral temple also more frequently, application forms and religious temples, at most is embossed patterns have different content. Besides on the use of religious temples, stone reliefs is widely application in architectural decoration, one of the most common is the metope of carve patterns or designs on woodwork. On the top of the many hotels or small area on the top of the door, window will be carved some rattan plant timbo, flowers, these are the machines carving, relief in the form of exhibit a sculpture. Relatively small amounts of outdoor metope of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, interior decoration, carve patterns or designs on woodwork is one of the largest application. TV setting wall, the relief of porch, the metope of the room is the application of relief, is the place where the craftsman can play creation to.  besides buildings, temples, anaglyph, another huge stone reliefs, is as propaganda is widely used as a carrier of culture. Northeast university of finance and economics have wall engraved with the history of the world, is through the form of stone reliefs, the history of the world in the form of motifs and demonstrated, and the history of the school will be a little bit of using stone as a material, to relief technical drawing. In some large square, and urban culture in the form of stone reliefs in front of the world. Only we can say that the application of stone reliefs, unexpected, no not achieve them.
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