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Stone said stone - stone railings craftworks

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-10
Stone railings variety can make all kinds of stone stone, common stone railings are engraved on the market the rail, white solid surface sheets for sale railings, granite railings, of which the most made of white marble marble railings, fashion, environmental protection, anti-aging performance advantages. About the stone railings, or we will think of the temple outside the temple of heaven palace symbol of auspicious or majesty of jade column. It is most common among Chinese traditional hexiang stone railings, one of the parts whether pavilions, or Bridges poolside, cannot leave the stone railings, especially in the landscape, stone railings or missing elements. With the evolution of the Chinese construction themselves, rail has from the original simple style developed into the rich variety of carving style, has obtained the extremely high artistic achievement. Actual use also is endowed with rich connotation, connected with us. About the practical use of stone railings, liang sicheng 'stone railings Jane said' the article said, floor, corridor, stairs, or other commanding barriers prevent characters on the edge of buildings, it is often highly about half of the personal, railing on the building itself without load, its function to prevent the people to go forward, or down, but is limited to small block in front of the scene, so the structure is very thin, and exquisite artistic system, hollow out more glittering and translucent get rid of. For the stone railings in life, it is not only a barrier so simple, people tend to give rail specific meaning and aesthetic value, stone railings stigma will make it carved lions head, ball head, or carved lotus, dragon head, etc. Column board will be carved some animals and birds and flowers, auspicious patterns, or the design of traditional myths and legends. Temple with stone railings are often carved Buddhism auspicious patterns. Bai Tianran marble environmental protection, no radiation, unique texture, color is rich, the performance-to-price ratio is high, the company has special requirements of users against the production of various kinds of special-shaped handicraft, Shi Lifang the pursuit of excellence, to create the most competitive stone well-known enterprises at home and abroad.
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