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Stone surface paving and maintenance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-22
solid surface sheets with natural patterns and beautiful colors provides interior designers with broad creative elements. In home decoration, more and more people hope to use some natural stone locally to increase the taste of simplicity. Compared with other solid surface sheet suppliers building materials products, kkr solid surface Stone is very exquisite from selection, paving to later maintenance. If you don't pay attention to it, Stone can't show its due beauty. The quality of natural stone depends on the quality and processing technology of waste materials. The surface of high-quality stone does not contain too much variegated cloth color, and there is no light and thick situation, and the quality of the stone after processing will have a lot of irreparable solid surface sheets. The pattern tone of stone surface is an important index to evaluate the quality of stone. If the processing technology and process are not up to standard, the finished product after processing will appear warpage, depression, color spots, stains, missing edges, cracks, color lines, pits, etc, of course, such stone is not a 'top grade '. According to the person who specializes in selling imported stone, the high-quality natural stone should be the cutting edge of the plate is neat and has no corners, the surface is smooth, the brightness is high, and there is no rough feeling solid surface sheets by hand. The ground decoration should avoid the use of stone materials for 'dark weather' home decoration, and should not make the home 'Dark Weather'. Light-colored stone materials should be selected as the ground decoration materials, which can give people a warm and quiet feeling, but also the effect of expanding the ground area. From the variety, kkr solid surface should try to choose those wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant marble and granite stone. From the price point of view, the light-colored granite series with large output is relatively cheap, suitable for general income families to buy, replace the damaged parts or ingredients. From the plate specifications, the ground should try to choose granite sheet (8 ~ 12mm) This is mainly considering the strength of the ground and the bearing capacity of the house. The color of the table top should be resistant to dirt. Stone decoration products should enter the home, and more should be made into countertops of various kinds of furniture. This should take into account the pollution problem, so stone with darker colors should be selected, like Green, blue, red series of marble, granite, marble with large patterns, the decorative effect will be better. If Stone is needed for the kitchen countertop, 25mm thick plate should be selected, and granite is best used. Because granite in the kitchen too much acid and alkali environment can be durable without losing luster and has a very high strength. There is a set of paving and maintenance, because the decorative stone is a natural product, the pattern and color characteristics of each piece of the board are different, and must be passed through the mosaic (Color) In order to make the pattern and color gradually extend and transition, the overall color can be reconciled. After the color is spelled, the number should be numbered immediately so that the number is in place during installation. The number can be written directly on the board with a sticker or a wood crayon, but do not use a liquid color pen to write a mark on the slate. Otherwise, the colored liquid will penetrate into the stone, will leave traces that cannot be wiped off. When installing, first apply a layer of clear mud to the ground, then use 1:2. 5 cement mortar to make the bottom layer, and tamp the leveling, then pour the clear cement and paste the stone. The thickness of the solid surface sheets base layer is preferably not less than 20mm, and no one should move or press heavy objects within 8 hours after laying the stone, so as to avoid empty shells or solid surface sheets uneven height. At the same time, it must be noted that some imported stone has a plastic network attached to the back, and the sheet network must be torn off before installation. After the renovation, it is better to apply a thin layer of solid surface sheets white car wax to the stone veneer for maintenance, and then scrub it once every two weeks.
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