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Suizhou granite stone Protection Technology

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-17
The development of kkrsolidsurface nanotechnology involves many aspects of our daily life, and stone protection is only one of them. Here, we make a simple analysis of the protective effect of nano technology and technology on the stone surface: 1. The stone surface protective agent using nano technology has good waterproof and antifouling effects: after the stone surface is treated, the protective agent penetrates into the inside of the stone micropore to form a solid and lasting protective layer, and the polymer skeleton group is firmly bonded with the stone, the groups on the side chain of the polymer skeleton form a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer on the outer layer. The protective agent added with nano materials forms a protective layer on the surface of the stone. When the liquid contacts the surface of the stone, the stone will not be wetted by the liquid due to the smaller surface tension, the liquid is prevented from penetrating into the stone through the capillary holes, thus solving various pathological problems of the kkrsolidsurface stone.

2. The stone surface protection agent adopting nanotechnology has excellent weather resistance. The stone surface protection agent adopting nanotechnology has the matrix material as the organic polymer material with excellent performance, it has the remarkable characteristics of stable molecular structure, excellent weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance, good chemical medium resistance and good solvent resistance. Therefore, the stone protective agent has excellent weather resistance and can protect the stone for a long time.

3. The stone surface protective agent adopting nanotechnology has extremely strong permeability, extremely small nanoparticles, low viscosity, good fluidity and extremely strong permeability, can penetrate into the micro-gap inside the stone as deep as 1 ~ 2 cm. It can maintain the stability of the protective properties for a long time.

4. The stone surface protective agent adopting nanotechnology has extremely strong wear resistance. The nanoparticles are extremely small and can penetrate into the stone and form a whole with the stone, it is not only a film formed on the surface of the stone, so it has very good wear resistance and can play a protective role even after the stone is worn off by 1 cm.

5. The kkrsolidsurface stone surface protective agent adopting nanotechnology has transparency: nano materials form a film on the stone surface and cover the whole stone surface. Due to the existence of nano particles, it fills the pores caused by Stone defects, and this surface film does not affect the normal breathing of the stone matrix. The film itself is solid surface sheets colorless and transparent, which can ensure the brilliance and moisture of the stone, it will not affect the appearance of the stone.

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