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Summer stone conservation considerations! !

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-21
Summer stone conservation considerations! ! 1, stone is afraid of water, moist environment will produce hydrated and carbonated to stone material, produce water spots, the phenomenon such as bleaching, weathering, destruction of stone material surface and beautiful, and even affect the nature of the stone, so using stone decoration parts to keep ventilation and dry. 2, wall mounted bar countertop acid-proof alkaline poor, so when affected by acid and alkali, easy to destroy the material. So in the maintenance of stone material, not casually waxing and clean with cleaner wall mounted bar countertop surface. Common water-borne, oily wax wax containing acid and alkali substances, not for the sake of a good, and undermine the long-term stability of stone material, if must waxing, will choose professional stone with wax, professional guidance to waxing, please. Detergent from acid, alkaline, use cleaner stone material surface for a long time, also can destroy the beautiful stone. 3, of stone material surface cleaning to do timely, whether hard solid surface or solid surface sheets for sale texture is soft, can withstand wind erosion, so often should clean the dust on the surface of the stone. 4, stone material surface is not easy to cover too much and long time cover, cover prevents stone 'breathing', which can increase the moisture of stone material interior, influence of wall mounted bar countertop material. If the stone material surface cover items, items will often mobile location. 5, if want to maintain stone, it is best to find the relevant professionals, and using the professional detergent for cleaning, such as polishing powder can enhance stone material surface luster, such as liquid crystal can make the solid surface sheets for sale surface recrystallization. Company in strict quality control and expand domestic and foreign markets, to create brand products under the guidance of strategic thinking, build a clear development strategy, strengthen the construction of the management system and management function, through constant development, has formed a complete set of production, design, sales, processing, installation of the network system.
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