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Use stone material waterproofing agent matters needing attention

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-10
water-proofing agent is a kind of used to protect stone materials, main ingredients for the solute, solvents, additives. water-proofing agent is a kind of used to protect stone materials, main ingredients for the solute, solvents, additives. As many as dozens of stone material waterproofing agent on the market, in order to facilitate distinguish with you and the correct use, colligate points; 1, first read the instructions on the use of the selection of waterproofing agent, operating method and the matters should be paid attention to when operating. 2, pay attention to the selection and form corresponding waterproofing agent of stone material surface, do not use at will. When the stone in the front and the back of the waterproof processing selected type of waterproofing agent don't at the same time should be more careful not to mix in order to avoid the influence the waterproof effect, time consuming, in vain. 3, waterproofing agent, the ideal working temperature is 5 ~ 25 ~ C, therefore, the work should avoid direct sunlight, moisture until completely hardening agent, and penetrate deeply into the stone. 4, according to the penetration of waterproofing agent is to choose the appropriate number of waterproofing agent processing. Brush waterproofing agent, one last time to l0 ~ 30 minutes after stone residue on the surface of the liquid should be erased. 5, waterproofing agent, should lay aside in the children and others can't touch. Need to brush waterproof before 6, brush waterproofing agent processing surface should be clean and dry, condition permits, but will need to make waterproof processing stone, roll out in the sun exposure for several hours. Need to make waterproof processing stone should be no coating ( Such as the processing of stone material surface can't play polishing wax and polishing oils and other stone material surface treatment agent) , it is very important. Like in this rainy weather, can use liquid gas baking gun or sunlamps will stone material surface to dry. 7, do large-scale wall mounted bar countertop material surface protection, should be on a small sample to determine in advance the waterproof effect of waterproofing agent, check whether waterproofing agent can affect and change the color of stone material and determination of the consumption of waterproofing agent. It is very necessary. 8, the wall mounted bar countertop material surface to make waterproof processing don't contact with some solvent resistant composite material, such as rubber, paint, also can't contact with plants. 9, the redundant waterproofing agent of wall mounted bar countertop material surface may be the cause of stone up 'cream' or 'stain', thus redundant waterproofing agent should be erased. 10, brush waterproofing agent should be worn when necessary labor insurance supplies, such as wearing the respirator, labor insurance gloves, etc. 11 and wash hands often when brush waterproofing agent. 12, brush or spray waterproofing agent should pay special attention to, appropriate every 30 to 60 minutes to have a rest. To breathe fresh air,. 13, do waterproof processing, it is forbidden to smoke. Because of some kinds of waterproofing agent is flammable, may even have explosive sex, so must ensure the safety. 14, do waterproof processing before construction and construction should be paid attention to during the weather, rain and damp weather has certain influence on the effects of waterproof.
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