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Walk into Shi Lifang natural marble life experience

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-06
Located in the beautiful scenery, the world longevity hezhou city. Located in the beautiful scenery, the world longevity hezhou city. In recent years, the company spent heavily in the factory zone built a palatial house do household life experience pavilion, its decorate material 90% originate from company self-marketing of Dali, decorate adornment effect is amazing. The door was over the heads of the two crystal chandeliers obsessed! The setting wall of light see marble around you do when it was even more splendid! As if place oneself in a palace. Even more amazing is after setting wall lamp is installed and marble, light penetrates the end mapping out directly, like pieces of natural stone glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, unique lines look very artistic feeling, let a person cannot help stretch hand to touch feel it good. Each layer of the stairs, stair footfall is after water knife parquet solid surface sheets for sale pedal of the production process, each step down like stepping on a beautiful picture scroll, there is a ground grow. The time on the second floor corridor surprise dream again! Beginning to the end is characteristic by the company with the wave pattern of white marble, a wide variety, between trance like through into the palace of the kingdom of which. The feeling of walking on this corridor is probably like those big star red carpet is cheerful! And the seventh floor marble relief paintings, lifelike! Thick art breath. Marvel at the wonderful artical excelling nature of the master, not luxury may one day in the future if we can live in such an environment, must be a wonderful experience! The roof of the balcony also marble ground, the ground here is bringing a frosted texture, feel composed massiness, have grade, also prevented slippery, is really kill two birds with one stone, beautiful and practical. The whole Shi Lifang natural marble life experience the solid surface sheets for sale hall decorates a style is not only high-end atmosphere, and elegant, luxurious and comfortable. Such light the household atmosphere of luxury decoration effect to build wind has become many enthusiastic pursuit of style!
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