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Wall color matching creates fashionable personality bathroom space-color matching, bathroom space

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-28

Bathroom space is a private and more humanized space, which plays an important role in everyone's life. In the decoration of the bathroom, the decoration style of the wall will determine the emotional tone and design concept of the overall space. Therefore, it is very important to choose a wall design scheme that is more suitable for your own personality. Today, Xiaobian will show you how to create a stylish bathroom space through wall decoration. Option 1: Use ceramic tiles The material of ceramic tiles is suitable for expressing bright colors, so it is more and more popular to use ceramic tiles as the atmosphere-building material for decoration. Tile is resistant to humidity and moisture, making it ideal for decorating bathrooms. There are many colors of ceramic tiles, whether it is the monochromatic tile paving of the whole wall or the collage of multi-color tiles, you can receive unexpected decorative effects, which are simple and exquisite, and classical and trendy. Mixing and matching tiles with different patterns can create a variety of eye-catching bathrooms, giving the bathroom a new look with a strong sense of design. The overall collage, local embellishment, waistline design, reasonable separation of dry and wet areas, and small tiles are indispensable. Option 2: Use waterproof paint to decorate the bathroom, usually with tiles on the wall. However, the stereotyped bathroom wall materials can no longer meet the needs of individualization. The emergence of waterproof wallpaper provides a new opportunity for the makeover of the bathroom space. The appearance of waterproof wallpaper. Under the application of new technology, wallpaper with waterproof function has become the darling of bathroom space. When using wallpaper to decorate the bathroom space, it is necessary to consider the coordination with the overall style, the color should be bright and transparent, and the pattern should be exquisite. Therefore, compared with tiles and waterproof wall paint, the use of waterproof wallpaper has an additional knowledge of matching. Option 3: Use waterproof wallpaper The use of wallpaper in the bathroom space should also follow the principle of wet and dry partitions. Even waterproof wallpaper should avoid being directly washed or soaked by water, so it can only be used in dry areas (including laundry rooms located in dry areas). Unique, another point is that it is easy to clean, and it can also prevent mold. And because the waterproof paint is very viscous, it is more suitable for filling the capillary holes on the wall, even if the wall condition of the bathroom is not very good, it will not affect the effect. The addition of waterproof paint in the bathroom makes the wall materials in the bathroom tend to be multi-combined, such as mosaic and waterproof latex paint, wood and waterproof paint. For a mottled and natural effect, this combination is both beautiful and practical.

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