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Water Heater School: Heat Pump Water Heater Maintenance Tips - Heat Pump, Maintenance, Water Heater School

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-05

Heat pump is a technology that uses new energy for heating. Now heat pump water heaters have not been popularized. The working principle of heat pump is like a water pump, which increases the potential energy of fluid. The heat pump can draw energy from the surrounding environment to heat the objects that need to be heated. The operation of the compressor and heat exchanger makes the heating efficiency of the heat pump water heater very high. Of course, the volume is relatively large. Generally, the practical area is more than 200 square meters or in villas. It can provide sufficient hot water for multiple bathrooms.

Notes: 1. Do not use or store gasoline or other flammable and explosive gases and liquids next to the heat pump water heater, which may cause danger. Do not use the main power switch to turn on or off the heat pump water heater. Please provide operable switches. 2. Do not stuff anything into the air outlet of the heat pump water heater, it is very dangerous to do so. The fan is running at high speed, be careful to cause personal injury. 3. The ambient temperature of the heat pump water heater is -10~38℃, and the water pressure is 0.20~0.6Mpa. Using the heat pump water heater under conditions other than the above may result in malfunction. Change the installation location. 4. Maintenance and cleaning When maintaining the heat pump water heater, the heat pump water heater must be in a power-off state. When not in use: cut off the power and turn off the switch. 5. Do not use gasoline, Tianna water, volatile oil, solvents and other chemicals, or liquid pesticides on the heat pump water heater, otherwise it may cause parts to crack and deform. 6. The surroundings of the unit should be kept dry and well ventilated. 7. Regularly clean the air side heat exchanger to maintain a good heat exchange effect. If the shutdown time is long, the water in the pipeline of the unit should be drained, the power supply should be cut off, and the protective cover should be put on. When running again, perform an integrated inspection of the system before starting up.

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