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Water heaters are frequently used and maintenance is necessary in the New Year-electric water heater, water heater maintenance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-15

As we all know, electric water heaters can be divided into instant type and volumetric type according to the water storage method. The water stored in the water tank is heated by a magnesium rod, so it takes a certain amount of time to heat, and it is inevitable that scale will remain in the water tank during the heating process. Therefore, regularly cleaning the water tank and checking the circuit are the basic guarantees to ensure the normal operation of the storage-type electric water heater. . For the maintenance of the electric water heater, first check the electrical performance, whether there is a hidden danger of leakage, whether the safety protection circuit is normal, and whether the ground wire is in good condition. Secondly, due to the heavy weight of the electric water heater, the ordinary 60L is close to 100Kg. With the passage of time, the deformation of the house, major construction around, vibration, etc., it is necessary to check whether the installation of the water heater is still firm enough, whether the wall is cracked, and whether the hanging nails are not. If there are signs of displacement and falling off, reinforcement measures should be taken if necessary. Third, the rubber seals will be displaced or deformed due to long-term extrusion or long-term changes in the pressure of the inner tank, and should be regularly inspected or replaced if necessary. Fourth, the role of magnesium rods should be known to everyone. They are consumables themselves, and it is better to replace them regularly to prolong the service life of the inner tank and protect the safety of the heating tube. The last is the problem of scale. Scientific research shows that as long as the water temperature is higher than about 65 degrees, scale will form. Scale not only affects hygiene and deteriorates water quality, but also occupies space in the inner tank, causing waterway blockage and affecting normal use. Therefore, it is better to use it. Remove limescale regularly. (Generally, after 2 or 3 years of normal use, about 1~3kg of scale will be produced, and the water quality varies greatly depending on the region. I have seen a user who uses groundwater for a year with a plastic bucket of scale, and a unit uses a large water storage tank. Water, there is almost no scale in 2 years, and the magnesium rod is almost brand new) Because the electric water heater is an unpopular electrical appliance among many household appliances, and the installation and disassembly are relatively cumbersome, especially some water heaters are buried in the bathroom ceiling. It is difficult to disassemble, so maintaining the water heater once a year can not only make it more energy-efficient and safer, but also prolong its service life.

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