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Wet natural stone surface during installation, stone plate will appear as' watermark 'as plaques, as set, hardening and dry mortar'

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-21

natural stone crystal are relatively coarse, there are many capillary we are invisible to the naked eye, such as solid surface pore rate is 0. 5% to 1. 5%, the rate of solid surface sheets for sale pores is 0. 5% to 2. 0%, the permeability resistance than ordinary cement mortar. Although the bibulous rate of granite only 0. 2% to 1. 7%, but can still through the stone of the capillary water immersion to the other side. The existence of the characteristic of natural stone and wool stoma, for the bonding material in the water, alkali, salt and other substances into provides a channel.

understand the cause of the whiskering later, in the process of decorative wall mounted bar countertop brick process is inseparable from the cement, sand and water, but as long as can solve the problem of water invasion of stone plate, can effectively control the phenomenon of stone whiskering, so we usually used in the engineering ground stone are asked to do six surface protection, through the coating resin adhesive in the bottom of the stone plate, and chemical fiber mesh cloth, tensile membrane formation, make stone material surface closed water vapor could not enter, but why would some engineering whiskering? How to avoid whiskering the emergence of this situation? Small make up a practical analysis and corresponding expert common has the following four factors:

1. protective liquid besmear brushs does not pass.

the preventive measures, and shi caihang when signing a contract, the first thing to Ming plank six surface protection, it needs to be done protection fluid should be qualified.

before besmear brushs protective agent, stone material to keep clean and dry.

times and the thickness of the coating to coating, coating parts should be fully complete.

after besmear to brush, do shelter to protect.

stone can sample after water, present for a protective performance test.

2. Site construction, because the plank broken or cut, destroy the integrity of the original protection.

precautions: site construction, protective liquid to prepare. For fracture after repair or cut wall mounted bar countertop should fill brush protective liquid, to ensure the protection of the overall integrity. Or moisture will follow the stone cracks and loose parts into the stone, the stone material humidity increase, thus forming a vicious cycle, the passage of time will appear whiskering.

3. Surface water is overmuch, stone wet for a long time or is covered by water environment, lead to water through the protective layer into stone.

prevention measures: (1) the shop is stuck good stone in a damp or even heavy water environment, such as model uncertainty should do first. (2) before operation is a lot of stone water spray. (3) the ground foot moistureproof layer should be set up. Such as the ground of toilet and bathroom water room has decorative stone, anti-seepage treatment should be done.

4. Part stone due to large stone texture is soft or holes in itself, was selected as the ground stone, while also did six sides protection before construction, but due to the nature of this kind of stone material is soft and hole, even for the protection, effect generally do not how good, cement sand in alkaline substances will be very easy to precipitate.

precautions: often encounter soft stone stone material such as French wood grain stone, stone material such as rice Huang Dong more holes, etc. , as in construction of ground material, we usually choose white cement instead of more black cement. Although the white cement strength and viscosity than black cement nearly, but both material composition, white cement pastes the ground stone material, through the stone on the back of the starched, able to form good airtight protection on the back of stone, and deposition between stone and stone plate seam, also played down by white, effectively prevent the whiskering.
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