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What are common marble post - Congratulation state white

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-23
: just as its name implies is to use marble corresponding each type, and then paste on the marble floor, corresponding floor adopts the congratulation state white marble in the majority, also have use artificial stone floor, which use cheaper which basically. The emergence of marble corresponding mainly in order to meet the market supply and demand of high-end furniture, marble table. corresponding technological process and some similar man-made stone technology, using natural marble for the base plate, and then use various varieties of marble stickers paste on the floor, brush on the material such as synthetic resin, finally cured after polishing grinding. : the main products are; Hotel large marble table, household marble table, marble, marble wall of setting of TV ark, and many other marble furniture. corresponding product characteristics 1, affordable; After processing the marble: one side has a very high ornamental, plus more affordable price, is the mainstream of solid surface sheets for sale furniture products. 2, various styles; Similar stickers, marble plate affixed to the marble, the material such as resin and polyester paint besmear to brush, grinding and polishing after drying. corresponding product surface is a layer of transparent synthetic resin material, has the very high hardness, resistance to the characteristics of the damage from scratching. Because of synthetic resin and polyester raw material weak resistance to weathering, long time falls off easily, so the shorter service life of the natural marble marble corresponding products. Furthermore; corresponding product used in hotels, or contact more site traffic, so the corresponding product of hardness and compression type requirement is higher, the general floor processing to all need to glue on the back of the net, in order to enhance the hardness of the products. Commonly used marble corresponding floor have more better hardness, low price of stone, white marble of congratulation state fully meet this demand, below congratulation state stone material with low, medium and high three kinds of price, whether it works or high-end villa decoration can be used.
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