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What are natural marble manufacturer wholesale

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-28
What are natural marble manufacturer wholesale? What are natural marble manufacturer wholesale? Speaking of marble wholesale a lot of people will choose the stone material market, would buy a small amount of marble stone market is right choice, stone markets offer a varied, basically is the finished product, can be directly used to decorate after purchase. Natural marble manufacturer, mainly in the marble mine area, stone resources, mainly in the eastern region in our province, advocate natural marble is white, also known as white congratulation state. Black and white roots, liuzhou and guilin iridescence of white jade, jade red dragon, hechi Cinderella are at present out of marble. Natural marble mining area mainly include the following; 1; Hezhou guangxi district, zhong shan town, zhaoping county, fuchuan yao nationality autonomous county at high 2; Guilin Yang county, lipu county, 3; Hechi city fengshan flow, float yao autonomous county, 'yao autonomous county 4; County, baise reserves the right to 5; Liuzhou abatis county, wuxuan, jinxiu county yao autonomous county, rongshui miao autonomous county, sanjiang dong autonomous county, 6; Nanning pingxiang city and day 7 counties, longzhou county; Autonomous region guigang city center above marble mines mainly in several places, according to different needs, can find the corresponding suppliers. Shi Li stones industry development co. , LTD is located in hezhou guangxi ping district west bay industrial park, 13 years focused on the white solid surface sheets for sale manufacturer, has 12 marble mines, the company strength is abundant, welcome everybody to come to consult.
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