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What are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz countertops?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-14

in the first place, want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz, mesa will be first to get to know quartz, what are the advantages and disadvantages.
here are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz, introduced the

quartz advantages:
1, quartz, high hardness, hardness is second only to diamond in nature;
2, quartz, high temperature resistant, melting point at 1300 ° above, high purity quartz ( 93%) Is completely flame retardant;
3, quartz is under vacuum conditions in manufacturing the same, the composite materials of dense non-porous, so quartz wall mounted bar countertop quality of hutch ark has excellent corrosion resistance;
4, quartz, impact resistance, easy to clean;
5, quartz, does not contain radioactive elements have a harm to human body;
the place on put together is narrated, quartz, possessing high hardness and purity, fully the advantages of the flame retardant corrosion resistant and easy to clean without damage, is very popular so quartz countertops!
quartz faults: to tell the truth, mesa of quartz, the only downside is that the price is higher.
according to sales data, in this era of pay attention to household green environmental protection, a lot of customers to dongchang shi caihang custom quartz countertops, even the price is expensive, but still favored by many customers.

how much is the quartz, the specific price?

I also said the above, quartz, compared with other material cabinet mesa mesa, its price is higher, quartz, and the market quality good and bad are intermingled, in general the price - from 600 3500 dollars. If you sure you want to use quartz countertops, when the choose and buy must pay attention to quality, or don't choose quartz wall mounted bar countertop countertops, chose to choose a high quality.
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