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What are the factors affecting price of natural marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-23
What makes natural marble prices? What makes natural solid surface sheets for sale prices? With the improvement of living standards, more and more people choose high-end marble for decoration materials, marble is widely used in hotels, hotels, parks, exhibition halls, office buildings, and a family to decorate, , stairs, kitchen table, table, tea table and window), And other fields. decorative effect for the industry's consistent affirmation. Factors influencing the price of marble main reasons; 1 audience's freedom-fighter adornment effect: 2 complex process requires more professional workers and decorate a long time: 3 middlemen: the so-called middlemen is on building materials market sell the merchants of marble, middlemen take goods from the manufacturer in selling to buyers, trading need profits, labor, all shops, customers buy marble hand often many a times more than the price than the manufacturer. Most large manufacturers have to: marble factory can supply the finished marble, cutting the whole house custom marble for customers, direct supply materials for engineering site, can reduce the large number of don't need to spend. manufacturer in China mainly in the mine around 10 km range, with convenient transportation and processing of stone material. mines in our country mainly include: well, changping and shunyi in Beijing, tianjin jixian, hebei QuYang, yihsien, hirayama, LaiShui, fuping, shore, liaoning dandong, liaoning, dalian, shandong laizhou, pingdu, laiyang, henan xichuan, yixing, jiangsu, hangzhou, zhejiang province, anhui LingBi, hubei daye, iron mountain, lu, Dali in yunnan province, guizhou anshun, composition, congratulation state, CenXi, guilin, twin peaks in hunan, sichuan baoxing, wushan, gansu province, into a county, and county political, get, spirit, wutai in shanxi, Inner Mongolia right HouQi and region QianQi, etc. Professional production white marble, marble mine are 12, and marble mining, processing and finishing, supplies; Bai Huang materials, plank, alien, arts and crafts.
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