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What are the main domestic natural white marble?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-07
Are many domestic natural white marble, white marble, white, Oriental white, white stone prices higher and higher, adornment effect is also more beautiful. Are many domestic natural white marble, white marble, white, Oriental white, white stone prices higher and higher, adornment effect is also more beautiful. 1 white marble white marble origin is Beijing fang shan magmatic rock litter town, main component is calcium carbonate, and the only one producing area, sichuan is called baoxing white, local people are not willing to this name, is also called the white marble, is actually pretend to be. There are many local call white marble stone is very white. 2 white white marble is the world's flat guangxi area of origin and hope high industrial zone, the main component is calcium carbonate, white stone whiteness is not so white, white solid surface sheets for sale generally are mostly gray streaks, but the white stone resources, capacity, abundant and affordable, stripes a little less white stone also can sell the price of the good point, is mainly used for cutting into the desktop board semi-finished products for sale, because the price more profit space, is the choice of many businesses. 3 Oriental white Oriental white marble is the high-quality goods of white marble, baidu between fewer white stripes, rocks are fine crystal white marble, is mainly composed of calcite ( 97 ~ 99%) Uneven composition, containing a small amount of dolomite, local containing a small amount of sericite, quartz and albite minerals. Dense granular structure, block structure. Baoxing white with blue and white marble belong to the Oriental white marble stone. As for the jazz, scholars and white, and the sky was a fish-belly grey white carrara white marble white these are imported, of course, many businesses are holding a homebred stone said foreign high-grade stone, so that profit is higher. Take the most of them are white marble, white marble texture better will be the businessman to serve as foreign products, and bad texture is usually cut into engineering board used in real estate, shopping malls buildings, many merchants and customers accused stone material is bad, the results finally buying stone material to the customer.
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