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What are the main styles of toilets? - Classification of toilets, types of toilets

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-08

According to the situation of the toilet tank, the toilet can be divided into three types: split type, one-piece type, and wall-mounted type. (1) Split type Features: The water tank of the toilet is designed and installed separately from the seat. Advantages: The price is relatively cheap, the transportation is convenient, and the maintenance is simple. Deficiencies: It occupies a large area and is not easy to clean. Less shape change, prone to water leakage. Applicable family: The product style is old, if the budget is limited and the toilet style does not require much, then you might as well choose it. (2) One-piece type: Features: The water tank and the toilet seat are combined into one. Advantages: Easy to install and easy to clean. It occupies a small area and has a variety of shapes. Deficiencies: The production cost is high, and the price is higher than that of the individual products. Applicable family: Lazy people, friends who love cleanliness and don't like scrubbing often will take a fancy to it. (3) Wall-mounted type: Features: The water tank is embedded in the wall and can be hung on the wall. Advantages: space saving, drainage on the same floor, very easy to clean up. Deficiencies: The quality requirements for the in-wall water tank and toilet seat are very high, and the two products are purchased separately, so the price is relatively expensive. Applicable to families: It is especially suitable for families who have moved the toilet, without raising the floor and affecting the flushing speed. Some families who like simplicity and pay attention to the quality of life also often choose it.

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