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What are the marble marble installation repair operating procedures

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-03
In cutting, handling, processing and use of marble will inevitably encounter in the process of collision and damage phenomenon, marble edge horn rupture caused by the waste and loss cannot be the whole piece of board scrap, through installation and repair in order to perfect the marble in the late of solid surface sheets for sale is beautiful. cutting out edge horn is complete without defect, although belonging to the high hardness of marble stone, but without edge horn processing marble is easily broken, after a forklift truck transport, air cranes, trucks, out of the car, handling and installation time, marble edge horn is easy to damage, marble edge breakage can be used to install, late after repair and polishing solid surface sheets for sale, can make the panel to restore the natural marble. The characteristics of the marble; Regardless of the damage and fracture can be repaired, repair the solid surface sheets for sale with the new look after the same. mended; 1, seepage; If the marble surface fracture repair by penetration method. Using unsaturated resin, silly b dilute acid cobalt, peroxide and tea raw materials to mediate, and then to rupture or haven't broken plank perfusion, after a certain time of curing, the sticky effect, harmonic materials belong to warlords, after penetrating reinforced plate won't appear the phenomenon of have off color. 2, sticky; Through unsaturated resin, silly b dilute acid cobalt, peroxide and tea raw materials to mediate, for marble cracks, groove, the sand hole, edge horn repair, after repair of the marble after polishing, can increase the surface gloss. plate relative to the biggest characteristic is ceramic tile, marble can be infinite polished renovation, refurbishment of stone or a new, belongs to glazed ceramic tile surface, belong to not polished, so the marble for longer service life.
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