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What are the natural stone material clean way

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-26
The diversity of natural stone material cleaning, different style has different effect, stone general chemical ways to clean; 1, it is a kind of marble surface cleaning agent. By sodium citrate, triethanolamine, oleic acid, white oil, methyl silicone oil, water and, allegedly can wash inorganic and organic impurities, to save water, polish function to a certain extent and lower cost. 2, stone material surface dirt, sludge decontamination creams, rusty spot, etc. By sodium tripolyphosphate, calcite powder, sodium silicate, hydroxymethyl cellulose sodium sulfate, liquid paraffin, liquid caustic soda and ionized water. Claims to clean granite monuments, buildings and related products of wind erosion, organic microbe and blotch. 3, solid surface cleaner, recipe is: NF4F t F, ethanol or modification such as ethanol mixed solution. Allegedly it can clean granite monuments and granite products, solid surface building wind erosion, organic microbe and blotch. 4 detergents, stone, concrete, brick, etc. The formula for phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, formic acid, ethanol, get together fat amide oxygen alkyl ether, ammonium chloride etc. Or ammonium sulfate; Allegedly it can clean concrete, stone, mortar, brick on the dirt. 5, stone materials such as hard surface oil remover, the formula for a variety of amphoteric surfactants, fatty acid salt, metal ions, flocculating agent and solvent, etc. , according to the author it can remove the adhesive on the surface of the stone material such as hard, grease. 6, suitable for high gloss marble surface cleaning, the formula of at least one kind of anionic surfactant, allocate a neutral solution, have a kind of bivalent cation, mixture type to open to soak decontamination. Alleged to have decontamination baoguang function. 7, marble surface cleaning, polishing agent, and its formula for ZnS04, abrasive, thickening agent, penetrating agent, fluorosilicate, etc. , can react with marble surface, allegedly it can to clean and restore the luster of the marble, crack can improve its durability, abrasion resistance and antifouling performance. 8, rocky ground cleaner, its formula is: anionic surfactant ( Alkyl benzene sulfonate, etc. ) , nonionic surfactants ( Polyoxyethylene ether sulfonate, etc. ) , hydroxyl alkyl cellulose, Hydroxymethyl cellulose, etc. ) General, alcohols ( Isopropyl alcohol, alcohol, etc. ) , regulate the PH value of September 12. Allegedly has high detergency, after cleaning the surface gloss of good. 9, solid surface sheets for sale and other hard surface cleaning process. Cellulose three phosphate and other dissolved in boiling water first, and then adding talc made into paste, sugar mixed. When processing the first paste directly with the brush besmear on to clean the surface, or a cloth cover need to clean the surface of the first and then the mixture sprayed on the surface of cloth, then use plastic mulch and solidified, it finally rinse with water or vapor. Allegedly the method can get rid of dense dirties. 10, hard surface oil cleaning agent, and its composition of surfactant adsorption and mineral powder ( Diatomite, bleaching clay, bentonite, bentonite, zeolite or expanded perlite powder, etc. ) Hard surface oil, used for cleaning, allegedly this method has good effect of oil pollution.
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