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What are the working procedure and Mongolia black stone laying?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-05
In the sitting room adornment is decorated in, more families laid stone material, the installation program and laying floor tile between hutch, defend basic same. But there is need to be aware of the following: ( 1) Draw the construction drawing. Before the stone laid, should map layout and details in advance, so that when the concrete paving stone, in an orderly way, know fairly well. Drawing construction drawing, first to measure the area of the well laid stone, calculate the relation need the number of stone material, understand the verticality of metope and ground matrix and flatness, and detailed on the drawings, so that construction according to drawing. ( 2) Redo the color decorative pattern. Natural stone such as solid surface sheets for sale, granite, each has a different color and decorative pattern, have deep have shallow color, decorative pattern lines are horizontal, vertical, oblique, different music. According to stone will be first distinguished or by deep shallow sequence arrangement, and the pattern as arranged in the landscape, the clouds, such as design, sequential extended transition does not make it desultorily, influence of metope and ground the overall coordination and beautiful. ( 3) Stone number. Arrange after the stone in accordance with the above requirements, should immediately number and write the number ( Can only use sticker or use easy to wipe the white chalk to write number, not with dark and difficult to brush in addition to the ink and pen write number, otherwise, will make wash not to mark on the stone, destroy whole beautiful) 。 ( 4) Renovation. Due to the thickness of the single block of stone material, size, not completely the same, when combined into a plane the seams will be rugged and aperture is not flat, so the size and the repair of the seam height is the indispensable link in the construction process. Renovation of another important job is to remove all kinds of stains on the surface of the stone, especially the construction process to keep clear of in time act the role of water on the surface of the mud stains. ( 5) Grouting. If the stone brick has space, must complete a mud with water for irrigation, to make it solid. ( 6) Wax maintenance. To make stone veneer keeps luster, still need in stone material surface coated with a thin layer of wax, and then use soft linen scoured over and over again to the surface is smooth and bright.
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