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What are white marble types of imports

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-06
is one of the very good adornment material in the household, and using the most current household materials, it has good decoration performance, marble and colour and lustre is gorgeous, color is rich, contain no radiation is widely used in interior wall, ground decoration, especially white marble, both lay on the ground and stick on the wall are very beautiful. 2, marble in abrasion resistance performance of this area is very good, not easy ageing, its service life is in commonly 50 - Around the year 80, at the same time not conductive, permeability, field has a stable features, it is also one of the main reasons for the popularity marble. 3, used in the modern society there are a lot of marble, not just the household with more, among them in industry, the solid surface sheets for sale has been applied widely. Such as: for raw materials, cleaning agent, etc. 1, carrara white solid surface sheets for sale produced in carrara, Italy has said carrara white marble, mineral is also out of the Snow White solid surface sheets for sale, white, belong to the imported high-end stone, the main characteristics of the carrara white lies in the pattern of natural stone material, delicate texture, stone material hardness is higher. 2 white produced in Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia, and according to the Slavic white marble, Yugoslavia, the key characteristics of large white marble is the base of color is very white, white is one of the most white stone. 3, Greece, white marble varieties of the marble mining, mainly in Greece has been widely used for hundreds of years. The tone and colour a lot, higher can be closer to the pure white and pale. 4, Sir White marble this marble mines distribution in several different address, but are located in Falakro Mountain. Sir White marble has a plain white background color, but it also has other color texture, ranging from grey, black, brown, pink to purple. 5, Iceland, white marble in namibia's hubby province of origin. Stone appears pale color, with rhino horn and other types of pure ivory similar and named.
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