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What is a white marble marble?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-21
What is the main component is calcium carbonate of white solid surface sheets, white marble marble, it is a compound chemical formula CaCO3. Basically it is not soluble in water. It can exist in the following forms: calcite and aragonite, chalk, limestone, marble and travertine. Can be found in the rocks. Animal back shell and the main ingredients of the snail's house. White marble is a kind of valuable construction materials, it is pure white and flawless, quality of a material is solid and delicate, very easy to sculpture, rare in all ages of building use it more as a raw material. Allegedly, since the han dynasty in China with this kind of like the jewels of materials to build the palace, temple decoration, carving of Buddha, ornament hall room. Because from the han dynasty began to use the whitest mei-yu for building materials, they slipped out a white marble. The characteristics of the white solid surface sheets marble white marble acrylic countertops: it is a kind of crystal white marble, white color purity, embedded flash crystal, spotless and solemn aesthetic feeling to the person. About 30% of the total production of marble of white marble, much as a sculpture portrait, Buddha, animals and plants, etc. Glittering and translucent white marble, white color purity, embedded flash crystal, spotless and solemn aesthetic feeling to the person. Color pure white, transparent, grain pattern, glossiness is general, difficult to glue to fill. Background are different, sometimes pale yellow. No obvious pattern, the pellet is stable, too thick white crystal. The black lines. Crack. Small holes through them. Particularly easy to collapse is fragile, but better than rosin yellow. Major types of white marble with perfect white marble marble, also used for carving of Buddha, etc. , when the west from the ancient Greek marble with white marble as portrait sculpture material. From ancient times, China has made of the stone steps in the palace and guardrails, the so-called 'jade bar' zhu, luxuriant jade, so called white marble. In front of tiananmen huabiao, jinshui bridge, the palace palace base, stone steps, the fence is made of white marble. White marble is China's ancient royal architecture, sculpture, use of the precious stone, the imperial palace, the temple of heaven, tiananmen jinshui bridge and other classical architecture has extensive use. The monument to the people's heroes, great hall of the people, chairman MAO memorial hall and so on contemporary national engineering, also have a wide range of applications. They are used by the white marble, especially Beijing fang shan magmatic rock quarry nest town high-chuang village west of the produce of a stone. In 1998, the national building stone quality monitoring center, China stone association named 83 kinds of new stone material, well high-chuang white marble was named 1101, called 'China's no. 1'. At present, the domestic white marble has many varieties, as well as the white marble, henan, sichuan white jade, but only well white marble is the real white marble stone nest. The purpose of the white marble marble white marble plank price is high, it belongs to high grade decoration materials, general and commonly used in hotel, exhibition center, theaters, shopping malls. Airports, railway stations and other public building indoor metope, cylindrical, railings, window sill board, in areas such as the service platform. Now also have adornment grade high housing made from white marble plank ground adornment of the sitting room, appear elegant. But rarely in the residential decoration do metope adornment with white marble plank, mainly because of metope adornment of marble construction operation technical requirements is very high. In addition, still can make all kinds of white marble ornaments, such as murals, screen, screen, wall hanging, hanging, such as indoor ornament adornment, also can be used to spell with flower POTS and Mosaic senior hardwood furniture of carve patterns or designs on woodwork. The distinguish method of white marble marble fake white solid surface sheets is not a few, how can we distinguish authenticity? In fact only a light and three-word formula. A light is ordinary light or sunlight, appraisal is white marble, this is an important technique. And intermediate formula, is the 'han', 'white' and 'jade' these three words. 'Jade' word speak the characteristics of the white marble, white marble in fact not jade, but a kind of marble, was named after the jade jade-like acrylic countertops embellish luster, because it can through the light thin place. 'White' the word refers to its white is bright enough, shiny enough, turn to the sun, can achieve the result that with Venus.
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