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What is our country stone radioactive standard

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-22
Stone in the radiation dose, general won't cause harm to the person according to the long-term in the nuclear industry department is engaged in the radioactive geological investigation and research work of professional and technical personnel's research shows that as a marble stone material ( Carbonate rock) And solid surface ( Silicate rock) Of the radioactive element is generally within the normal range. A large number of research data demonstrate that radioactive intensity is higher than the marble granite; Acid rock of radioactive intensity is higher than rock; Radioactive intensity of tectonic altered rock is higher than fresh intact rock. of the radioactive elements mainly from uranium, thorium and potassium 40, and a regular variation, which are in the same structure, rock of radioactive with the evolution of the magma source, from early to late growth. According to the stone radioactive dose of stone can be used classification. A kind of stone material use range is not restricted; Class B stone in addition to the inside surface should not be used in the bedroom, can be used for all the structure of the internal and external veneer; Class C only can be used in the structure of the stone veneer, seawalls, abutment, stele and garden decoration materials. Stone industry experts examined the granite, solid surface sheets for sale in the world nearly 200 varieties, the result confirmed that the radioactive content are within the scope of safe use of. Authorities in China in 1993 for 'radioactive protection grade control standards of natural stone products, JC518- 93). When on dozens of domestic typical mining system sampling, testing, the results also did not find the excessive content of radioactive stone. According to the national building materials test center provide materials, thousands of varieties of stone in our country, the haven't found that because of the variety of radioactive levels have a harm to human body.
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