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What is the difference between duty of stone and artificial stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-24
Broadly speaking derived is a kind of artificial stone, artificial stone include; Broadly speaking derived is a kind of artificial stone, artificial stone include; , quartz, terrazzo, etc. , are derived from the process flow, process of artificial stone basic is consistent, but from the performance, sloping stone, quartz, terrazzo physical properties are not consistent, use diversified scene. Are derived mainly marble powder as raw materials, coupled with the glass, shells, synthetic resin after high temperature curing. Duty stone factory are mainly concentrated in the origin of a predominantly white marble stone mining, storage demand is very big to meet the production requirements for the stone of, our country's duty stone base is located in the guangxi region, the element has the title of the journal of are derived, hezhou advocate white solid surface sheets for sale, mainly white ash grain and white Huang Wen white marble. Hezhou solid surface sheets for sale storage capacity of up to 2. 6 billion cubic meters, occupy the 30% white marble, and there's a little white marble cost-effective, calcium carbonate powder with the lowest line. My country is rich in natural stone material resources, but the yield is only 30%, are derived in the effective use of marble broken material for processing the finished product again, conform to the basic state policy of comprehensive utilization of resources in our country, belongs to the green building materials. Comprised of quartz crystal and synthetic resin of high temperature curing, and because of quartz, has the very high heat resistance, hardness is high also, very suitable for kitchen mesa adornment. Inorganic stone is also called the terrazzo, inorganic stone belong to modern developed a new type of stone, stool is mainly composed of cement, synthetic resin, glass raw materials, terrazzo can only be used on the floor, cheaper price in 781 square ( Including artificial) , now developed inorganic stone can be used for dry hanging metope, style diversity, the price is in two hundred to three hundred, before the market prospect is very good, high technical requirements, can batch production manufacturers. The main advantage is; Non-slip, be able to bear or endure dirty, water absorption, not easy to wind, species diversity, cleanness is very convenient. Most of the plant are derived in the development of their own inorganic stone brand,.
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