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What is the difference between marble and the granite?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-06
Shi Li stones industry is one of the 12 years focus on high-end decorative stone custom manufacturers. Shi Li stones industry is one of the 12 years focus on high-end decorative stone custom manufacturers. In the past for a long time, wood and ceramic tile is the mainstream of the decoration materials nowadays, as people aesthetic, natural marble decoration first choice has become more and more people. Is not only improve the quality of life, and the advantages of natural marble is not too much. 1) The difference between design and color is the color of the marble stone and granite stone contained by the mineral composition of different metal ions and show different natural color material color general is relatively simple, there are a lot of such as pure black, pure white, solid-colored varieties; The color of the granite stone with composite color commonly in the 2) stone and solid surface stone processing method of the difference in the processing, the basic working procedure steps are the same, although such as waste material for cutting, again into the line of grinding, polishing and cutting, such as processing technology, and then made into facing plank product. But in actual processing equipment, choice of materials, tools, technical parameters, operating procedures, etc are very different, can't make a mistake. Error such as light production efficiency of paper, or machine bad material destroyed, more personal safety accident may occur, do not take lightly. The polishing of marble stone, granite stone material surface luminosity gloss units can reach 80-110, can be applied to all kinds of architectural decoration works. The above situation, the cause of the marble stone and granite stone, composition, physical properties, appearance, there is a big difference, determines the difference of these basic conditions. stone and granite stone is advanced adornment material. stone is mainly used in building interiors, its rich and colorful color, decorative pattern, bright and beautiful; And solid surface stone material is mainly used in buildings, a variety of senior public buildings and civil buildings Shi Li stones industry has its own mines, marble solid surface sheets for sale as interior decoration material, with its full of classic breath and historical sense of texture and luxurious and elegant temperament, let a person fall. Each piece of marble floor tile texture is different, clear curved marble texture, smooth, bright and pure and fresh, like again and again for all the visual feast! Natural grain clever and unique, give a kind of mysterious and deceptive luxury uncommon temperament, transparent crystal texture harmony in nature, so comfortable, tall. Our stone products, raw materials including marble plate, block, etc. ; Professional custom-made marble floor tile, wall brick, line, door cover, threshold and window, stair step, sink, sink, spelling a flower, TV setting wall, marble table, solid surface sheets for sale mesa, table and so on. Welcome call processing customized, contact phone number:.
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