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What is the difference between quartz and artificial stone?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-10
What is the difference between quartz and artificial stone? Quartz is a common mineral, the main color is white, formed by metamorphic sandstone crystallization, main composition 95% silicon dioxide, hardness up to 7. Quartz is a common mineral, the main color is white, formed by metamorphic sandstone crystallization, main composition 95% silicon dioxide, hardness up to 7. 5, natural stone material hardness of the Chinese standard of 2. 7, the hardness after brick natural mineral. Far more than the kitchen knife shovels, etc, for use in this won't be the scrape. Because the hardness is very high, can be widely used in public buildings ( Hotels, restaurants, Banks, hospitals, exhibition, laboratory, etc. ) And a family to decorate, Kitchen countertops, commode, hutch is defended metope, table, tea table, window, door cover, etc. ) Field of quartz is not like a marble stone is a whole piece of cutting down from the mountain, the technology and the artificial solid surface sheets for sale is actually same, artificial stone with calcium carbonate powder compression synthesis, synthetic resin and quartz and quartz crystal and resin composite rock in cutting, why very few people know quartz is also belong to a kind of artificial stone, actually because quartz is applied in a more extensive scope, to distinguish between name and distinguish directly from man-made stone, artificial stone in home decoration and architectural decoration has great market potential, its smooth surface, colour is gorgeous, bright and clean like jade, is popular with consumers. Artificial stone is the floorboard of the artificial marble and artificial agate, is made of unsaturated polyester resin blended with fillers, pigments, through a certain process, artificial stone has a non-toxic, no penetration, easy to machining, the color can be arbitrary allocation, arbitrary shape casting, etc. Artificial stone production and processing in the key link is its forming process and surface processing, molding process determines the inner quality of artificial stone, such as hardness, qu degeneration, temperature tolerance, surface treatment effect on its external senses, in today's artificial stone molding have assembly line production, its forming process have stabilised, but in the process of surface treatment are fine polishing the waste of manpower, a waste of time, serious pollution, many defective rate higher. The appearance of the man-made stone thicknessing can be finished with sanding machine, but the artificial stone surface fine sand grinding and sanding side must complete artificial, man-made stone surface hardness is higher, polishing and polishing time consuming, and the technology is still cannot make Gao Liangguang and has full sensory effects. So quartz is actually belong to man-made stone, just are many man-made stone, similar to the ink stone is also belongs to a kind of artificial stone, terrazzo is the main source materials of cement, of course, making artificial stones more wear-resisting, acid, high temperature resistant, resistant to impact, compressive strength, bending strength, permeability etc. Function is very strong. The deformation, a unique feature of bonding, turning parts of the processing. But artificial marble also has a fatal weakness, because it is synthetic, artificial stone bay degree resistance is poorer, with long time will be out of shape. But the natural marble texture is very beautiful, quality of a material is solid, anti scratch performance is good, wear-resisting performance can also; But have pore, easy stockpile oil dirties, and natural solid surface sheets for sale brittleness is big, there is some shortcomings, but Shi Li stones industry professional white marble mining processing, focus on stone industry for 13 years, to the problem can solve completely natural marble and pore, and network is glue directly, natural and pollution-free, for those who said that natural marble has radiation, it is nonsense, if natural stone material has radiation, then the artificial stone made of natural stone material, no radiation?
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