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What parts does the gold hemp maintenance cycle include?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-15
Solid surface sheets burning can play a non-slip effect. Most square stones have been burned, but the burning process also has certain shortcomings and limitations.

1. Most of the burnt rough solid surface sheets technology can only be used for granite stone, while Marble, sandstone and slate cannot be singed, which is determined by the chemical composition of stone. The roughness of the Fire surface cannot be controlled artificially, but is determined by the texture of the stone itself. The Fire surface of the rock with coarse grain structure must be coarse, and the rock of the fine grain mechanism is relatively delicate.

2. After the stone is burned at high temperature, the solid surface sheets of the stone is cracked. Although the minerals near the cracked surface are not completely cracked, the structure of the minerals has been destroyed. That is to say, the processed rock has been baked at high temperature, the physical properties of the rock have changed, and the weathering resistance has decreased. Some white granite after the fire, the rough solid surface sheets highlights the rust freckles.

3. For low-carbon Stone and other concepts, the stone burning process consumes a lot of energy and does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. Stone maintenance is not blind, nor is it necessary to maintain every day. Maintenance also has a periodicity. Once the stone is installed, it usually has to go through a natural life cycle. To formulate a stone maintenance plan, an accurate stone maintenance cycle should be considered, hardness and water absorption of stone are the main factors to set the maintenance cycle of stone.

Solid surface sheets stone is a neutral material. Maintenance should be carried out according to a certain stone maintenance cycle. Once the stone is decorated well, it usually has to go through a natural life cycle. Making a stone maintenance plan should include an accurate stone maintenance cycle, the hardness of stone and the water absorption of stone are the main factors for setting the maintenance cycle of stone.

stone maintenance cycle consists of three parts:

Prevention: use high permeability sealant to protect the stone interior, properly walk the stone interior well-off entrance bedding, and understand the chemical properties and procedures of the stone.

Maintenance: use a fiber mop to clean the dust. Clean the mop and use a wet mop to mop the floor, or automatically scrub, use epoxy resin or glue to clean pits and cracks and wipe excess substances in time to prevent corrosion and dyeing.

repair: repair the solid surface sheets with diamond grinding tools. Such as eliminating scratches and eliminating wear- Deep cleaning of the burning surface, or fine holes in the ground floor.

with the development of the stone industry, stone products have entered thousands of households and become a beautiful scenery for architecture and home decoration. With the extensive use of stone, people's understanding of stone is becoming more and more comprehensive. Only by having to maintain the solid surface sheets work can the utilization rate of stone last longer.

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