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What solid surface is popular for bathroom basin


What solid surface is popular for bathroom basin?

                                                                     Solid surface is an artificial stone, these nonporous surfaces, when properly cleaned, do not promote the growth

                                                                     of mold and mildew, making them ideal choices for public spaces, homes, healthcare and food preparation facilities, 

                                                                     hospitality, schools and offices. It’s ingredient including aluminum powder, resin, pigments mixed with unsaturated 

                                                                     polyester and adding a small amount of initiator, made in a stationary temperature machine.

                                                                       It’s non-porous surface makes it a perfect material for bathroom basin, as it’s stain-resistance, fire-resistance, high 

                                                                       temperature-resistance and anti-fungal. The seamless features makes the solid surface can be fabricated to an 

                                                                       integrated and very long vanities. An elegant design and perfect slope for water to flow away.

                                                                           Bendable for multiple design Solid surface is bendable materials, it can be bend under high temperature 

                                                                           then fabricated to the shape we need. It’s amazing feature makes the designer’s fancy concept into reality.

                                                                          Comparing to the natural stone, solid surface is more light weight, surface touching more soft and gentle but in a 

                                                                           good hardness. All of these functionalities make solid surface a perfect material for bathroom basin and many 

                                                                           other products.   

                                                                                       Some small tips for using a solid surface basin

                                                                                       (1)Don't scratch with sharp objects to solid surface basin. But don’t worry, it’s renewable by polishing.

                                                                                       (2)Do not put hot objects directly on the surface basin for a long time 

                                                                                       (3) Keep the solid surface wash basin in surface dry condition.

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