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When the natural stone of stone wool stoma after absorbing enough water, once the temperature has dropped below 0 ℃, natural stone in the water freezes,

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-20
The causes of the formation of natural stone material freezing and thawing
in general, the material is comply with the law of 'heat bilges cold shrink', while the water is just the opposite. The density of water at 4 ℃, the largest water molecules are liquidity run independently. Water by 4 ℃ to 0 ℃, the temperature is lower, the water molecules are arranged 3 d pattern in the ice into a form of abnormal loose, this kind of structure form, in fact, left many 'empty', instead of density. The experimental results show that when 1 cubic meters of water ice, the volume will increase to 1. 11 m3. Therefore, when the water in the gaps in the natural stone pore or encounter cold ice, volume increase, to swell the pores of natural stone or cracks, and then, natural wall mounted bar countertop material in more water, pore or cracks is further swell. Follow a vicious, eventually led to the natural stone material fracture.
natural wall mounted bar countertop material freezing and thawing prevention
due to the natural stone material freezing and thawing is the main factors of water, we just to prevent moisture into the natural stone material can prevent the occurrence of natural wall mounted bar countertop material freezing and thawing.
so, as long as we use natural stone curing agent will be treated as natural stone material properly.

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