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White hemp is becoming more and more common

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-23
The use of solid surface sheets is becoming more and more common. After a long time, there will be various problems. It is not a quality problem in itself, but all stones are worn and polluted in the external environment. Common water spot problems:

before Stone installation, stone must be fully maintained, and high-quality, comprehensive and neutral curing agents should be selected. We should strictly follow the specific operation steps of solid surface sheets stone maintenance. There is a lot of rain in summer, and Shandong white hemp used for outdoor decoration is more prone to water spots. We should know the relevant knowledge in advance and make preparations. In order to ensure that the white hemp Stone is as new as long as possible, the pattern is natural and beautiful, and the color is bright. The following points must be done for its cleaning and maintenance:

to ensure that the white hemp surface is clean and clean, prevent sand grains and hard objects from wearing the stone surface; Keep ventilated and dry; If the water on the surface cannot be removed for a long time, it needs to be dried with a hair dryer. Since most of the white hemp in Shandong is located at the edge of the road, it is easily affected by the external environment, and the probability of oil pollution is relatively large, if pollution is encountered, it solid surface sheets should be removed immediately; In addition, regular protection treatment should be carried out according to the frequency of roadside use and the flow of people, generally 1- Do it once every 3 years. For areas with frequent pollution, inspection can be carried out for half a year or one year; Attention should be paid to the selection of protective agents to maintain the air permeability, water resistance and antifouling of Shandong white hemp.

According to the characteristics of white hemp itself, we must pay attention to the principle of 'Three Noes' when protecting, and do not wax at will, otherwise the stone will not be able to breathe, the internal moisture stays inside the stone for a long time, which cannot be eliminated and thus causes pathological changes. Do not use non-neutral detergent, the detergent containing acid and alkali components will make the stone surface gloss; Do not often accumulate debris and cover carpets on the stone. These are also very important links. Please do not ignore them.

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