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White hemp material Reserve high quality

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-29
The hard texture of solid surface sheets white hemp makes it very useful in the decoration of many high-end buildings. Many open-air carvings also use white hemp as a material, our advanced cutting technology and high-quality stone blocks make our company's super-large blocks quickly seize the market. Respect for the gold diamond is a gold diamond, wearing a red. Wrapped in the enchanting, the spring breeze! 'Gold Diamond Stone wears a red dress, in the stone industry, just like its name, like a gold diamond.

Guifei red is a rare and precious stone variety in China, with bright red color. It is widely used in squares, gardens and exterior walls, and can produce and process engineering boards of various specifications according to requirements; Most of the board surface processing is smooth surface, Fire surface, litchi surface, etc.

The harm of air pollution to white hemp stone the harm of air pollutants to white hemp Stone, the harm of air pollutants to white hemp stone, dust, sandstorm, waste gas, acid rain, freezing and other pollutants are often visible in daily life, but these substances will cause damage to Shandong white hemp stone, which will seriously cause Stone fading, it affects the decorative effect of stone. This is mainly due to the chemical reaction between the internal substances of white hemp stone and some substances in the atmosphere. Improper operation of solid surface sheets white hemp stone during construction will also cause damage to Shandong white hemp stone, therefore, it is very important to maintain the white hemp stone in time, which will improve the decorative effect of Shandong white hemp stone and prolong its service life. White hemp project case

factory and mine direct sales of villas built by white hemp Suizhou white hemp, color coordination, unity, neat and beautiful, excellent workmanship, solid surface sheets appearance effect as shown in the following figure.

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