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White marble, appraisal

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-13
Main component is calcium carbonate of white marble, it is a compound, chemical formula CaCO3, mainly composed of CaCO3 and MgCO3 and SiO2, also contains a small amount of Al2O3, Fe2O3, etc. In 1988 national building stone material quality inspection center, China stone association voted 83 kinds of new acrylic countertops material, well high-chuang white marble was named M1101, said 'China's no. 1 '. Color is pure white fine marble, qualitative hard, is the finest architecture and sculpture material. Basically it is not soluble in water. It can exist in the following forms: calcite and aragonite, chalk, limestone, marble and travertine. Can be found in the rocks. Animal back shell and the main ingredients of the snail's house. At the same time, the white marble or important building material. First, white marble is a kind of valuable construction materials, white marble stone white, quality of a material is solid and delicate, very easy to sculpture, rare in all ages of building use it more as a raw material. Allegedly, since the han dynasty in China with this kind of like the jewels of materials to build the palace, temple decoration, carving of Buddha, ornament hall room. Because from the han dynasty began to use the whitest mei-yu for building materials, they slipped out a white solid surface sheets. Secondly, xinjiang's hotan region in our country, there is a very good village of architectural decoration materials, it is mostly a pebble. Because of this as white as Snow White in terms of historical materials, marble mining exploitation, at least can be traced back to the tang dynasty period of nanzhao before, built in the tang dynasty more than one thousand years ago the footprints of marble temple tower, building is elegant solid surface sheets carving products, has been adopted and has higher technological level. In the history of the imperial palace mausoleum, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Ming tombs, heavy use of yunnan marble. 50 s marble before mining, processing, stays on the manual production way, until 1953, Dali built of marble factory, gradually realize the mechanized production, increased product variety, constantly improve the process. White marble stone perfect white, also used for carving of Buddha, etc. , the west from the ancient Greek era with white marble as portrait sculpture material. From ancient times, China has made of the stone steps in the palace and guardrails, the so-called 'jade bar' zhu, luxuriant jade, so called white marble. In front of tiananmen huabiao, jinshui bridge, the palace palace base, stone steps, the fence is made of white marble. White marble is China's ancient royal architecture, sculpture, use of the precious stone, the imperial palace, the temple of heaven, tiananmen jinshui bridge and other classical architecture has extensive use. The monument to the people's heroes, great hall of the people, chairman MAO memorial hall and so on contemporary national engineering, also have a wide range of applications. They are used by the white marble, especially Beijing fang shan magmatic rock quarry nest town high-chuang village west of the produce of a stone. Identify the stand or fall of white marble stone, use level, generally can be divided into primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, good rocky, time difference is very big, mainly detect its density and purity. White marble is the high-quality goods in white marble, it has veins, and not to produce white acrylic countertops is white marble.
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