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White marble: cheaper price, low-key white stone treasures

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-15
Since this year, white fastens stone thunder here, white marble has formed a kind of industry trends. Sir Dining white, white, and become the search words, the sky was a fish-belly grey promotion article emerge in endlessly. Article from: stone treasure since this year, white fastens stone thunder here, white solid surface sheets for sale has formed a kind of industry trends. Sir Dining white, white, and become the search words, the sky was a fish-belly grey promotion article emerge in endlessly. Under the extensive publicity, baishi contracted, exquisite quality, more familiar. At the same time, the head of the stone also action. Have take months, invested heavily to build 2000 ㎡ white stone exhibition hall; Have started in 1994, the giant stone, transformation of my white night. None miserly to seize the opportunity, devotion, love spell will win the stone material, style has always been so. Obviously, the industry has many stone, bet on the white stone, white stone became the focus of attention. Known as the jazz white, such as white, has been in the market have a wide range of influence. Imports from waste material, to the processing and sales, forming industrial chain industry already a long time, the threshold of the means to enter phase also should be improved. All eyes were focused on stone imports, have made a white stone, is quietly expanding its influence, this is the white stone of sexual price than most - — White marble. White hezhou of mine is located in beautiful scenery, is located in the northeast, hunan, guangdong, guangxi provinces ( Autonomous region) In the ocean. Congratulation state sufficient sunshine and rainfall, is one of the key forest areas. White mine mouth distribution between the rolling mountains, the department of geological survey, there are about 2. 6 billion cubic meters, belong to the current domestic one of the few oversize mineral mountain, is the nation's largest white marble mines. Mining of stone crystal white, like snow, hiding in the top of the cloud. White varieties in stone material warehouse advantageous geographical environment and the geological characteristics, create the special appearance of white. The white board face, landscape of texture, affordable price, make its optimization of architectural decoration with a stone. White the use of a wide range, in addition to the common large plate, it can also be processed into a variety of special-shaped products. Whether big garden ground ball, villas or high-grade stone railings, or cylinder. The diversity of the processing, to give customers the rich choice. White mining for terminal consumers, white is a ratio of stone. Its applicable range, laying, background wall, floor railing, satisfy people decorate the required. And, a series of special-shaped stone, white sales in the market for many years, has maintained a stable production. Thus, it is an experience of market selection, the stone material of mature, have higher recognition. Second, white can create a variety of decoration effects. The stone is exquisite, as white as snow, texture is variant like smoke. This is copy qualities, giving it a natural aesthetic feeling. White railings decorative case plank to spell, and stagger layout, can achieve ideal visual effect. Therefore, it can not only in the elegant lobby, play level role in appearance, also can meet the taste of single-family villas, play small and pure and fresh decoration effect. Finally, and most importantly, white has a great advantage in price. Than other expensive white solid surface sheets for sale, white produced in domestic and overseas background, the price also plain, is suitable for the high-end projects. White House whole decorate effect along with the increasing consumption of waste material, many mines to provincial sends block, and factories for processing on its own. It cheap, one stone is multi-purpose. Grain is rich, change is big, there are a number of play can dig on typography, is a low-key treasure stone. , hezhou's largest white marble manufacturer, has its own mines 12, white stone mining processing one-stop services, selling block, the big board, specifications board, water knife, alien, powder.
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